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Food Review: Media Tasting at The Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is located at Ascott Raffles Place and has recently celebrated its 3rd year anniversary. But I have only came to know about this place this year when J went there for dinner with her friend. Guilty much, I am such a lousy food blogger. Anyway just before my Sydney trip, I was invited for a media tasting to try some new items on the menu. After hearing good reviews, I jumped at the opportunity.

It is quite a common practice to serve bread before the meal. But I assure you this is not any ordinary bread. The cheesy aroma reached our table before it was even being served.  It is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. My only regret is I didn’t ask for another serving as it is so so good. P.S: I am a bread lover. Look at my french loaf face, I guess you have very much guessed so right?
Scallop Carpaccio and Tuna ($26)

We started the tasting with a beautiful Scallop Carpaccio and Tuna ($26). I like how thinly sliced Hokkaido scallop is without losing its natural flavour. It is definitely a taste bud teasing and visually pleasing dish.

Seafood Bouillabaisse ($28)
One of the highlights of the night is this flavourful Seafood Bouillabaisse. I like the thick rich seafood broth with fresh ingredients such as red malabar snapper, langoustine and blue mussels. This is definitely my kind of comfort food any time any day. yumz
Trio of Tomatoes ($18)

This is one of my favourite of the night. Simple as it looks, it is a pleaser for tomato lovers like me. One of the tomato taste so sweet that I almost though there is honey on it! The sweetness of the red tomato is further enhanced by the drizzle of balsamic vinegar. *MEGA LOVE*

Honey Glazed Kurobuta Pork ($56)

2 big slabs of Kurobuta pork are served with Mesclun salad, white wine apple and apple butter sauce. I like how the flavours come together and complement each other. Unfortunately for my table, the pork is slightly overcooked thus I didn’t taste the tenderness of how kurobuta pork should be.

Porcini & Bacon Risotto ($32)

The plating was beautiful especially with the aged Parmesan cheese. It offers an alternative for carbs lovers if you like something cheesy.

Miso Black Cod ($42)

Another favourite of the night was the perfectly cooked cod served in leek fondue, seaweed butter, sesame tuille and bonito flakes. The cod was moist and melt in the mouth. Together with the leek fondue and seaweed butter, the dish gives a beautiful taste of umami. I am salivating while writing this!

Roasted Japanese Yellow Sea Beam ($78)
There is a selection of roasted whole fish from Barramundi ($54) to Red Malabar Snapper ($62) and Yellow Sea Beam ($78). The Whole Roasted Yellow Sea Beam ($78) is specially flown in from Japan. The sea beam is very fresh and the portion is big enough for 2 to share! I also like their eye for details such as the half lemon wrapped in a “filter” paper to drain away the lemon seeds.
The Dessert Platter ($32)

Like I always say, what is life without desserts? If you are like me, a little greedy and wanted to try a little of everything. Do order this. It consists of a tasting platter of 4 different desserts comprising of the 4 individual dishes listed below (I know visually they do not look like the platter dish at all! But that is how it was served.).

Enhanced Bergamot Earl Grey Jelly ($15)

Lovely aroma of bergamot in whoppy jelly served with frozen yogurt, passionfruit coulis and macerated berries. I like how the acidity of the fruits complements the sweetness of the jelly. It is a delightful and refreshing way to end a meal. *YUMZ*

Eton Mess ($18)

Eton Mess is a traditional english dessert consisting meringue, strawberries, hazelnut crunch, salted caramel and devon cream. I have never had any Eton Mess before but definitely a beautiful mess, appealing to those with sweet-tooth. A sweet combination that is pleasing to my eyes. hahaha.

Sticky Date Pudding ($18)
One look at this, almost everybody thought this is a molten lava cake. Can you imagine a huge group of bloggers getting ready to take “action” shot of the oozing lava?  But to our disappointment, it didn’t flow. In the end, many felt silly to realise that it is actually a sticky date pudding. hahaha please do not make the same mistake as what we did if you order this moist lovely sticky date pudding.
Peanut Butter Jelly ($18)
Peanut Butter Jelly is another beautiful creation with toasted brioche, cranberry jelly, chocolate ganache and caramelised banana. The peanut butter is smooth and the chocolate ganache is rich and intense. I like the ingredients individually but when they are together, it kinda didn’t gel for me.
Overall, it was a great dinner with like-minded peeps. Thank you The Royal Mail for hosting the media tasting. I would recommend this place for a romantic dinner date or catching up with friends over a good meal.

The Royal Mail
Ascott Raffles Place 2 Finlayson Green Singapore 049247
Tel : (65) 6509 3589
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri 6.30am to 10.30am
12noon to 3pm
6.30pm to 11pm
Sat            7am to 11am
6.30pm to 11pm
Sun & PH 7am to 11am

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