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Food Review: Laugen Restaurant at Dempsey Hills

LaugenRestaurantDempseySingapore’s F&B scene has always been very vibrant and every now and then we will see new restaurants and eateries opening up. Located at Dempsey Hills, behind where Long Beach is, is one such new restaurant. Laugen Restaurant is situated at where the La fondue used to be. A beautiful quiet corner of Dempsey Hills, yet is of a walking distance from the bus stop at the main road.

LaugenRestaurantDempsey-4Although the restaurant is decked in red, not to worry, it does not serve food that is too fiery or burn a hole in your pocket. The service is prompt yet the service crew would give you enough space to enjoy your quiet moments with your love ones. LaugenRestaurantDempsey-5We were served with complimentary laugen bread shortly once we were seated down. The homemade bread has the aroma and flavours similar to a sourdough bread but in a slightly denser texture. LaugenRestaurantDempsey-6Next up for starter, we have Deep fried Mozzarella Cheese ($14) which has oozing Mozzarella Cheese sandwiched in a bread, deep fried and served with sundries tomato sauce, black olive, chorizo and peach salsa.
LaugenRestaurantDempsey-7Stuffed Portobello ($13) might be able to appease mushroom lovers out there. The portobello mushroom is cooked to perfection, juicy and moist, with onion relish and crispy malt belly. I like the touch of acidity that made this dish a great appetizer to welcome the main that is to follow.
LaugenRestaurantDempsey-9The highlight of my visit to Laugen Restaurant is the Braised Beef Ribs ($25). The beef ribs was braised for more than 4 hours which made it so tender and the meat literally fell off the bones effortlessly. Served with smoke cheese fries, sauteed mushroom, rocket leaf with aged balsamic and black pepper gravy has made it a very hearty meal to have.
P.S: Do remember to dig into the fries as the smoke cheese dip was served beneath the fries. LaugenRestaurantCheeseFondueWe ended the dinner with Classic Cheese Fondue which is a pleaser for any cheese lover. Thick and gooey cheese speckled with paprika for that little heat to tickle the senses. I like how it is served with a platter of assorted vegetables to “trick” any carnivore into consuming their daily servings of greens. My only complaint is that the fondue is not as smooth as how I would like it. Otherwise, this would be a perfect dish for me.LaugenRestaurantDempseyDon’t we all love a night out with affordable food and peaceful ambience to spend some quality time with our loved ones? Besides Cheese Fondue, there are Chocolate Fondue, delectable mains and 1 for1 house wine for UOB cardholders till end of October 2016. Although the food is slightly heavy handed on my first visit, I still have a good impression of this place. I am sure I will be back again soon. If you are looking for a beautiful date night out, why not check out the newly opened Laugen Restaurant and share with me about your experience there.

Laugen Restaurant
25 Dempsey Road 249670 Singapore
Tel: +65 6474  0204
Operating Hours: 4.30pm to 11pm (Wed to Mon)
Closed on Tue

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