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CNY Pineapple Tarts Recipe using SCS Butter

fmcg-20In a month or so, we are going to welcome the year of Monkey. What is your favourite part of the Chinese New Year? I am not shy to admit that the glutton in me is most excited with the CNY cookies and pineapple tarts. Not sure about you, I have a love-hate relationship with pineapple tarts as it is hard to find one that is good. I always find homemade ones the best, especially those made using SCS butter.

Cny SpecialFor me, one of the most annoying part of baking is when most recipes called for 250g of butter but for SCS butter, the usual measurement is only 227g per block. Thank goodness that for this festive period, SCS has launched a limited-edition Special Festive Bakers Pack, comprising three blocks of SCS Unsalted Butter, each block upsized from 227g to 250g (10% extra)! Now, we can have no worries for that array of recipes that warrant the use of 250g butter and hooray to easier preparation of ingredients! This Bakers Pack is retailing at a special price of $11.95 (UP$5.65 per block) and is available at selected supermarket stores from January 2016 onwards. butter cake Do you know that SCS Butter is made from 100% Australian grass-fed cows’ milk without the addition of any artificial colourings, additives, or preservatives? It is also packed with Vitamins A, D, E and K. SCS Butter goes through a special double churn process, which gives it that rich and creamy taste that many of us are familiar with. Too be frank, that is also the reason why I love SCS butter so much.Pineapple tart recipe This CNY, I am quite blessed to receive a box of pineapple tarts that is baked by Fiona Lau, founder of a highly-popular baking blog ‘Baking’s Corner’ using SCS butter. I tell you the pineapple tarts are so good that it was gone within a day. That melt in the mouth buttery taste is so to die for and worth every calories count.
fmcg-19So here is it, 2 wonderful recipes from Fiona. Nothing is more rewarding than baking your very own pineapple tarts this Chinese New Year. Have fun baking! For more information on SCS Butter, please visit SCS Dairy website, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

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