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Ellenborough Market Café Laksa Mania promotion

EllenboroughMarketCafeLaksapromotion-2Swissôtel Merchant Court’s signature Peranakan restaurant Ellenborough Market Café has been well known for its delectable buffet line. In the month of November, Ellenborough Market Café has something installed for the laksa lovers. They have launched the Laksa Lovers promotion! There are 6 different types of laksa for the diners to enjoy, from the Singapore Laksa to Sarawak Laksa and dishes inspired by the iconic laksa such as the Fried Laksa Seafood Noodles.EllenboroughMarketCafésarawaklaksaFrom our neighbouring country, there is Penang Laksa ($14++) aka Assam Laksa which is a mackerel based gravy with topping such as shredded cucumber, pineapple and flakes of mackerels. There are also the Sarawak Laksa ($14++) which comprises a prawn and chicken broth high-up on the spice quotient .EllenboroughMarketCafélaksaBesides the famed Ellenborough Market Café’s Nyonya Laksa ($14++), there is Singaporeans all times favourite, the Singapore Laksa ($14++) which was cooked with yellow curry powder, dried shrimp and lemongrass and is served alongside freshly-made noodles, tiger prawns and lashings of egg omelette. EllenboroughMarketCafédrylaksaAmong the 6 different types of Laksa, the dry version ones got our votes. Fried Laksa Seafood Noodles ($13++) comprising a base of thick rice noodles lightly-coated with fragrant Laksa curry, topped with fresh catches of squid and juicy tiger prawns. For those whose carb-of-choice is rice, the Laksa Seafood Fried Rice ($13++) was cooked up by Ellenborough market Café’s expert local chefs in a flaming-hot wok. EllenboroughMarketCafeLaksapromotion-13You can also have the option to create your own Ultimate laksa by adding more toppings. There is a choice of crayfish ($6 per pc approx. 180g), fresh tiger prawn ($6 for 2 pcs), fresh Canadian scallop ($6 for 2 pcs), poached shredded chicken ($4 per portion), crispy chicken ngoh hiang ($4 for 3 pcs) and whole golden fish cake ($4 per pc).EllenboroughMarketCafeLaksapromotion-31What is better than to share the love for food with several friends? So why not grab a few lovers of laksa friends to Ellenborough Market Café to try the six different kinds of LAksa? The Laksa Lovers promotion is running from 1 to 30 November 2015. DO check it out before it is gone!

Between the soup and the dry Laksas, our votes unanimously go to the dry ones. Do try and let us know your vote!

Swissôtel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Road Singapore 058281
Tel: +65 6239 1848/ 1847

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