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CMCR Coffee Academy, a place where coffee lovers gather

With 3rd wave coffee going full blown, it is no doubt about it that a lot of us have been educated more and more about what specialty coffee is. So much so that people get curious about the taste profile of the coffee as well as the whole process from farming to harvesting as well as to brew a yummy cuppa at home. Good news is Common Man Coffee Roasters has recently launched their brand-new CMCR Barista Academy at 52 Chin Swee Road.
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So what is 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave coffee?
While 1st wave coffee was more like people drinking coffee because it is coffee. Yes, I know you must be thinking what am I talking about. lol. It means that 1st wave coffee was like a commercial coffee aka commodity coffee where the coffee beans were largely produced in the mass format and there was no strong emphasis on the quality. The coffee were mainly darkly roasted, tasted bitter and can be found in the supermarket without even listing its roasting date.
2nd wave coffee talks about the experiential encounter with coffee. Similar to 1st wave coffee, the coffee beans were darkly roasted, tasted bitter BUT there were creativity in the coffee beverage e.g adding flavored syrups and other ingredients into the coffee to make it taste pleasant. However, the emphasis was still not on the coffee itself. It was more on the ambiance, the service as well as the fr friendly baristas.
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Then it came the 3rd wave where the limelight is finally on coffee itself. The coffee beans are more lightly roasted so that consumers can finally taste the REAL taste profile of the coffee. There are more than just bitterness and caffeine fix. People gets to know where are the beans originated from, how are the raw coffee beans processed as well as the altitude that they are grown on and the roasting date of the coffee beans.
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With people growing more and more curious about coffee, CMCR Barista Academy is born to provide a variety of classes for both aspiring Baristas as well as seasoned professionals. Currently, CMCR Barista Academy is providing the following classes with a duration from 1.5 to 4 hours depending on the module chosen-

Fundamental Barista Skills
Latte Art Techniques
Fundamentals of Manual Brewing
Sensory Skills and Coffee Knowledge
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The curriculum was developed alongside with the Australian Barista Academy. Depending on your level of interest and coffee knowledge, you can sign up for a class to know more about proper dosing for each coffee extraction, milk steaming and pouring or even master the technique of basic free-pouring latte art as well as non-espresso brew methods over a variety of brewing devices and understanding the understanding sensory performance of different coffee beans.
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The Academy runs workshops and classes daily from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm. To find out more, you can hop on to their website for more information.
CMCR coffee academy interior
CMCR Barista Academy
52 Chin Swee Road, #03-71, Singapore 160052
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday | 9:00am – 6:00pm (2 workshop sessions daily)
Closed on Sunday
Email: training@cmcroasters.com

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