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Club Code Deco: A journey of sensory exploration

ClubcodedecoperfumAt the beginning of the month, I attended a media launch of Club Code Deco, a unique membership programme designed to help individuals (men or women alike) to discover their signature scent and cultivate a holistic appreciation for fragrances. Clubcodedecoperfum-3Club Code Deco is actually a unique programme conceived by Code Deco, Singapore’s very own home-grown artisanal perfumery! Clubcodedecoperfum-7During the afternoon with Miss Gauri Garodia, the founder of Code Deco, she has walked us through a sensory workout to get acquainted with the real scents behind some really wonderful fragrances from Code Deco.   Clubcodedecoperfum-14One of the things that we went through was a horizontal tasting where we smelled the raw scents that go into the perfume. It is something similar to a degustation menu where we get to know 2  different scents from very different spectrum. For that afternoon, we have the privilege to the smell of granny smith apple and musk. While granny smith apple smells like something green, juicy with overripe fruitiness, to our surprise musk has literally no smell. Gauri Garodia shared that only a very small percentage of the population can smell musk and it will smell like something very delicate, soft and powdery.  Clubcodedecoperfum-15Mysore Sandal is considered to be the most precious  and expensive amongst all sandals. We were also blessed to enjoy Mysore Sandal essential oil during the horizontal tasting. This scent is said to be a calming and harmonizing antidote to frantic hectic days. P.S: This is one of the surprises that comes with the Club Code Deco box!Clubcodedecoperfum-52For Club Code Deco program, individual can sign up with a monthly subscription of $45 a month whereby members get to receive 3 specially curated Code Deco creations (3ml each) every month without the need to splurge on numerous full-sized bottles.Clubcodedecoperfum-24These can be a mix of what is already retailing in store or sneak peeks of upcoming new scents that are yet to be launched. Clubcodedecoperfum-25Over time, the selection of perfumes in every subsequent package will become more personalised and tailored to suit each individual’s preferences. Clubcodedecoperfum-22Besides going on a sensory trail, each of the Club Code Deco box will come with an unpredictable surprise. These surprises can be anything from invitation to a wine-tasting event to a limited eau de perfum concocted together with international guest perfumers. Roughly every quarter, Club Code Deco will also be featuring some really hard to obtain fragrances from niche perfumeries in UK or United States. Clubcodedecoperfum-26The subscription to your sensory journey can be easily done by logging onto  Within a week from the payment, the first kit comprising of the lightest to the most universally appealing Code Deco fragrances will be delivered in a beautifully wrapped black package. The Code Deco team will based on the feedback given by the recipients and customise the following month’s selection of perfumes. The subsequent kits will be sent out between the 15th and 18th of each month. Customers are billed on the 10th of each month till they opt out with a minimum period of 3 months. There is also a 3 month gift plan available. Simply perfect for birthday present or even Christmas pressie, isn’t it?Clubcodedecoperfum-44From 15 January 2016 onwards, two exquisite candles, Kyoto ($120 for 120ml) and Mysore ($160 for 120ml) will be added to the Code Deco’s line of fragrances. We were again very privileged to have the first hand preview of the candles. Kyoto candle is a very light smokey scent in a natural soy wax while Mysore candle is made with pure beewax, real rose petal and mysore sandal. Miss Gauri Garodia finds that the candle should lightly perfume the space instead of intruding the space with the scent. Hence the candles are created to make the space smell nicer subtly without giving people the sense of intrusion. Clubcodedecoperfum-43We also have Michelle, the master coach from Visionary Passages, to guide us through a short session of meditation with the Kyoto candles burning in the background.ClubcodedecoThank you Rachel and Jeanette from Sixth Sense Communications & PR Consultancy for the invitation and Miss Gauri Garodia from Code Deco for an educational fun filled afternoon. For peeps who are interested to subscribe for the Club Code Deco membership, simply quote ‘firstclub’ at checkout to get a 50% off of the first month membership fee. I hope that this would help you to kickstart your journey of sensory exploration.  =)

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