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Cafe Hopping: Le Halo @ Bukit Ho Swee

lehalo-17Along the opposite stretch of Tiong Bahru is where Le Halo is situated. I have always been wanting to check out this place after seeing the pictures of the rainbow kueh lapis floating everywhere on my social media feeds months ago. Le Halo is not just a cafe that sells rainbow kueh lapis only. Besides being a quaint little vintage cafe that serves a variety of bites with prices no more than $15, it is also a vintage retailing shop. So whatever items that catch your eyes, they are for sale too, unless otherwise stated. =)

lehalo-22Tuna Mushroom Melt ($9.50) is a simple comfort food with soft and fluffy toast toasted with tuna mayo, sauteed mushroom and mozzarella cheese. I like how there are some greens to go with it. Perhaps it might be a better idea to leave the greens at the side so that it will not be “cooked” by the heat from the melted cheese. lehalo-25Besides serving coffee (from $3.50 onwards), there are Gryphon teas ($6.50 ~ $7), Rootbeer Float ($6) and  even Ginger Tea ($3) on the beverage menu.
lehalo-26Otak Egg ($9.50) was one of the dish that was well received by the group of us. We love the generous thick slab of Muar Otak on that crispy crusted soft white toast. It got us all going wah… ooooo.. yummm.
lehalo-29Homemade mini pork patty topped with homemade tomato sauce, bacon and cheese  for the Mini Pork Burger ($12.50) was good as well. I like that juicy moist patty speckled with the tanginess from the homemade tomato sauce. It was such a pity that the bun was not as soft as I would like them to be. If not, I would probably go screaming for more.
lehalo-31I am not saying this because it is a media tasting ok. But the Masala Chicken Curry ($12.50) was really good. Spicy enough to give me that kick to satisfy my perpetual craving for spicy food (but I can’t take spiciness really well, not a chilli padi person) and the chicken was tender and moist. With that crispy buttered toast sticks to go with the homemade masala sauce, heavenly match!
lehalo-33One of Le Halo’s signature was the Piggy Stew ($13). The pork cubes were slow cooked till they literally melt in your mouth together with the accompanying carrot and potato cubes. Some said it reminded them of a homey meal, I said it is a hearty dish to have.
lehalo-35With eggs done two ways for Eggy Benny ($14.50), diners like me who love eggs get to enjoy it poached and served on a toast or oven baked with the bread as a base. Interestingly the one with the poached egg has olive and fig spread on the toast while the oven baked one has fillings such as ham and mozzarella cheese in the bread cup.
lehalo-36If you are someone who likes bread and want a light bite, the Porky Cornetto or Tuna Cornetto ($9.50) might appeal to you. The homemade cornet bread is filled with tuna mayo or slow cooked shredded pork with tomato & red wine sauce to give you your dose of protein.
lehalo-38lehalo-43For peeps who want carbs and something filling, there are Mushroom Carbonara ($14.50) and Meatball Pasta ($14.50). Although it might not be the most authentic pasta that you can find in town, the flavours of the pasta are there and I am quite sure that they taste better than some fast food chain.
lehalo-46Last but not least, we had some cakes and the famous kueh lapis to wrap up the night. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the items served earlier on were all quite impressive and memorable, I was not too impressed with outsourced bakes. My advice is come here with an empty tummy to try the mains and skip the cakes. The owner’s homey cooked food is way better than the instagram worthy bakes. Nevertheless, if you want to try the cakes, amongst them the rainbow cake and the Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake are safer choices. =)

Le Halo
4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-162 Bukit Ho Swee View Singapore 162004
Operating Hours: Sun to Thur 10.30 am to 6pm
Fri & Sat 10.30 am to 8.30pm
Closed on Tue
Tel: +65 9736 8087

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