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Cafe Hopping: D’Good Cafe @ Holland Village

I have a confession to make. Although I am no longer in my sweet sixteen or in sassy twenties, I love swings. Sitting on the swing at D’Good Cafe brings back fond memories and gives me a sense of peace, love and serenity. Several weeks ago, I joined Ian, Pauline, Shirley and Sihan for a media tasting to try out some of the new items.

Besides the usual espresso based coffee, I am glad to see pour over here with a variety of single origin coffee beans. Interestingly the pour over is served in a decanter with a cup of ice and a small cup. We can either have it hot, cold or even try both according to how we each individually like it.
There is always something for everyone. There is a “custom blend coffee” on the menu whereby you can create and name your own coffee blend. Although there is a one time fee of $12, I assure you, it is value for money as you get to try the taste profile of several beans before you customise your blend according to how you like it. After you name the blend, it will be stored into D’ Good’s computer system. So the next time you go there, you can order a latte or long black using your own blend. Cool isn’t it?
Baked Chicken on Sticks ($10) [NEW]

If you are looking for small bites, this might be the dish for you. The chicken thighs are marinated with special soy sauce before they are baked together with the red bell pepper and green zucchini.

Baked Lemongrass Chicken ($17.50)

The chicken thigh is marinated with lemongrass before it is baked. It is served with homemade mash potato and sauteed shimeiji mushroom, yellow and green zucchini. The homemade mash potato is amazing. I like the crunchy potato bites that give the mash an extra texture. Amongst the two dishes, I prefer this dish as it is more well seasoned and fragrant. With the delicious sides, it made a comforting dish to have any time any day. Oh well, at least for me.

I am a sucker for waffles and sweet potato, so how good if both can be eaten together. I guess my wish was fulfilled here where sweet potato waffle ($7) is served. Although it is not the really crispy kind of waffle, the Japanese sweet potato complements with the waffle batter.

The Triplet Cheesecake is a decandent slice of goodness. I would recommend this to any chocolate lovers as this is something really chocolaty and rich. I guess it would go well with a pot of tea or share among friends.

One of my fav cheesecake is the Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake served at D’ Good. A slice of this can send me to heaven and back. The aroma of the maple syrup is distinct and yet the cake is not too sweet. The addition of sea salt enhanced and elevated the overall taste. I like how well balanced it is! Beware, this is addictive!

Overall this is a cosy space with good natural lighting. The food is decent and the service is prompt. I like the wide range of coffee available and the idea of customizing my own blend. Afterall the best coffee is always the coffee you like, isn’t it? I heard that it is perpetually packed so do make reservation or avoid peak hours.
D’ Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992
Operating Hours: Sun ~ Thurs 10am to 10pm
                             Fri ~ Sat 10am to 11pm
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