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BROADWAY BENG : 10th Anniversary Concert

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Some time back, I was blessed to join some peeps from Instasg to attend Broadway Beng’s 10th Anniversary Concert at Capitol Theatre.

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As some of you who might already know, BROADWAY BENG : 10th Anniversary Concert is presented by Dream Academy. Besides Broadway Beng, Dream Academy also has been entertaining the public with shows like the Dim Sum Dollies, Crazy Christmas and Happy Ever Laughter.
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Time really flies, it is just a blink of eyes and this is already the 10th anniversary concert for this Hokkien Ah Beng.
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As we were invited to attend the final rehearsal so you can image how happy we were to be walking about taking pictures from any best angles that you can imagine.
P.S: No photography is allowed during the exact show. So don’t go and take pictures during the show hor.
Broadway beng-15
At the beginning of the show, Mr ah beng, Sebastian Tan, went around introducing his band and his CBs (as quoted by the true blue ah beng). Excuse me, this is not vulgarity ok. it means Chio Bu la.
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Broadway beng-21
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Be prepared to be transiting from chinese oldies to hokkien songs like 愛你無條件,攏是為著你啦, 一百万…etc. Broadway Beng also bring back good old memories of the Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) from the Chinese pop. One of the songs that really make me dance with the music is the famous song “Loving You Forever” (對你愛不完) by Aaron Kwok (郭富城).
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Broadway beng-31
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One of my favourite was the 8 minutes version of Les Miserables. Yes, 8 minutes only! However, I bet this is the best 8 minutes of the month. Chio ka peng (heaps of laughters) guaranteed!
Broadway beng-64
Broadway beng-66
Okies, I shall not spoil the plot by revealing too much. However, if you are looking for a great way to destress, Broadway Beng is definitely going to let you laugh and laugh. The show lasted for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes with 20 minutes interval. So if you are looking for some good laugh, don’t miss Broadway Beng which is available till 31 July 2016. For more details, check out the following –
Dream Academy’s Website
Dream Academy’s Instagram

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