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Beauty Review: Salicylic Peel Facial at Skinlab (Wheelock Place)

I don’t know why but Wheelock Place always reminded me of overseas in a good way, as if I am on holiday. Coming here always gives me a sense of tranquility and peace. Behind this conical facade also house some of my favourite retail stores e.g Marks & Spencer, Melissa, Sunglass Hut..etc. But as I rarely explore more than level 1, unknown to me Wheelock Place also houses an array of beauty/hair services, aesthetics, medical and dental services. Recently I was invited to do a facial at Skinlab The Medical Spa.

Beyond this long flight of escalator to level 3 and another escalator to level 4 is where Skinlab The Medical Spa is located. Just a little background information of Skinlab The Medical Spa. It is a medical spa providing beauty treatments using advance aesthetics techniques and cosmetic dermatology. Their beauty therapists have a minimum of at least of 5 years experience. It is also good to know that they are constantly undergoing training and weekly assessments.

I am totally in love with the white deco once I stepped into Skinlab. The white deco feels so clean and give me a feeling that I am in good hands. Just like how I feel when I go to see my family doctor when I am sick.

After filling up a form on my details and medical history, I was led to a room where a beautiful consultant reviews and advises on my skin conditions. She has advised me to do a Salicylic Peel Facial to remove my dead skin cells to make my skin looks brighter. The consultation was done professionally without me feeling diminished at any point. This is very important to me as I have bad experience with pushy beauty consultants before.

I was then led to a treatment room to do my facial. The treatment room is rather spacious that I would think there are enough space for even a queen size bed.

At the side of the room, there is also an aromatherapy burner with essential oil burning. Scents always appeal to me thus I felt relaxed even before the facial starts.
A picture before the facial starts. I was excited to experience the salicylic acid peel as this is my first time doing it.

After removing my makeup and basic cleansing, a thin layer of Salicylic Acid was applied to my face. As compared to those products with Salicylic Acid that we can get off the shelves, this is much stronger. The concentration is about 10% and the beautician explained to me that these must be used with great care. Upon appearance of redness, it should be washed away. For first timers, the suggested application time is usually less than 10 minutes and under close monitoring when it is being applied.After the Salicylic Acid Peel, extraction was done and ampoule was applied to my face. Finally a customised strawberry, mint and rose mask was applied to my face. It is for soothing and hydrating purposes as my skin type is on the drier side and to reduce the redness from the extraction.

Overall, I enjoyed the 90 minutes Salicylic Acid Peel facial. Besides the facial, the face and shoulder massage was very relaxing and comfortable. Look at my dreamy eyes, I slept like a baby during the facial. This picture was taken immediately after the facial. Thus resulted to a “just wake up” pic. lol

The Salicylic acid causes the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores and neutralizing bacteria within. Thus allowing room for new cell growth. That is why my skin feel so smooth and glowy after the facial. Bye bye uneven dull skin with clogged pores.

Skinlab The Medical Spa
501 Orchard Road #04-04 Wheelock Place Singapore 238801
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 10am to 9:30pm
                            Sat – Sun 10am to 8:30 pm
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