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Beauty Review: Botox and fillers @ Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & LaserCentre Part 3

At one point or another, we will tend to want to look good so as to feel good. Sometimes we make certain decisions for beauty enhancements, which to our dismay didn’t work out quite as well as we expected. I am not sure about you…but I had my fair share of beauty “mishaps” (fortunately none has been permanent!). I am glad to know Dr Benjamin Yim, who has helped me to look better without over-the-board drastic measures, nothing too artificial. I like the fact that he and I alike, prefer to go for natural-looking enhancements. As many may have already known, aesthetic enhancements are done to better refine what we are born with and make us look better. But little did I know that a gummy smile could be fixed using botox.

During my last consultation with Dr Yim for my previous treatments ( part 1part 2), I was smiling ear to ear (as I was way too happy with the results), and my gummy smile was way too obvious and that caught Dr Yim’s attention! This is not the first time that I was told to have a gummy smile. I was even teased by my friends for having a horsey smile. 🙁
In the past, I would just make a conscious effort not to smile too widely, controlling my facial expressions whenever I am too happy. To my surprise, Dr Yim told me that actually my horsey/ gummy smile can be treated aesthetically by Botox. The Botox injections serve to numb the hyperactive muscles near the mouth to lower the upper lip and hide the gummy smile. Dr Yim also explained the risks involved. It is actually quite a tricky procedure. The risks include having a crooked smile, inability to spit or enunciate clearly, if it is not done properly. Depending on individuals, the effects usually last 3-4 months. It is recommended to do a review with your doctor every 4 months.
During the consultation, I have also raised my concerns on my almost non-existent nose bridge. I have always wanted a higher nose bridge thinking that it will make my other features more pronounced. However, I have abandoned the idea of doing rhinoplasty (aka surgical nose job) after watching a video on You-Tube on how it is done. Contrary to the invasive and permanent measure of rhinoplasty, I was told that injecting fillers (gel-like substance) is a less invasive procedure and the effects will subside after a few months. I requested Dr Yim to help me with adding some fillers to my nose. As with all cosmetic enhancements, there are risks involved. I have googled and found an article on how it ruined a woman’s wedding. So I would suggest to look for a reputable doctor, make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor before you proceed with any cosmetic procedure.
Anyway, having said that, I decided to go ahead with the botox procedure to fix my gummy smile and some fillers injection to enhance my nose bridge with Dr Yim because I feel comfortable with him and I am pleased with the previous treatments.
With numbing cream applied to the relevant areas before the procedure. Finally, I can say “Goodbye horsey smile”! Haha. at least for the next few months.
For my nose fillers, Dr Yim used Juvederm Voluma. The pros of using Juvederm Voluma are if you don’t like the effect of the nose, it is reversible by dissolving the fillers with enzyme injection. On top of that, it is non-allergenic. It has both hydrating effects and anesthetic effects which improved my comfort level during the procedure.
For my gummy smile, Dr Yim used the same Botox as for my frown lines treatment (See part 1 for the review).  BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a product from Allergan and is the only FDA-approved substance (till date). So do remember to check with your doctor on the type of botox he is using before the procedure.
I am glad the procedures ended within half an hour without me feeling much discomfort, except for a slight ant bite sensation when the needle is poked onto my skin. Throughout the procedure, I also tried to close my eyes to avoid seeing the needle. I guess it helped me. I am also very thankful for Shirley who was there with me while the assistants tapped my legs to divert my attention (that helped to calm me down). Just like the previous treatments, there is literally no down time. Nobody would have guessed that I have done any procedure, except for the fact that I had a tape on my nose bridge. Dr Yim deliberately placed it there to remind me not to touch my nose. lol. It is a comfort to have a doctor who understands me so well. haha. me and my itchy fingers.
So how is per treatment?
The botox treatment starts from $500 onwards while the filler treatments start from $1,000 (per syringe), depending on individual’s requirements. So it really depends on the area(s) that you plan to enhance. 🙂

Do check out Part 1 & Part 2 of my review on my experience on Botox and fillers.

P.S: The above views are shared based on my personal experience, no monetary compensation was given. Clinics tend to give me solemn and sterile vibes, I am glad to have a different experience this time around and I attribute it to Dr Yim’s team of dedicated assistants, whom carried out their professional duties with cheery compositions, making me feel very at ease and warm at heart at the various visits.
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