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Value for money set lunch @ Aoki Japanese Restaurant by the Les Amis Group
Few Mondays ago, together with my colleagues, I went to Aoki Japanese Restaurant by the Les Amis Group for a birthday celebration. Thanks God, we made a reservation in advance and table reservation is highly recommended! Aoki was packed during lunch time! Although located in shaw centre, Aoki Japanese Restaurant’s shopfront adopted very simple design without any big fancy signage thus it could be easily missed if you are as blur as me. lol Upon stepping into the restaurant, you will be greeted by the contemporary interior design that separate the 15 sushi counter seating with a flight of stairs from the 3 partitioned private tables. I was rather happy to be given the sushi counter seating as I was in full view of how the preparation of the food is being done. Best of all, I get to see how the famous chef Kunio Aoki at work. He is definitely a man of a few words and is very serious in his work! After we have placed our orders, hot towels were handed over to us to refresh ourselves, followed by some hot green tea
We started our set lunch with ‘Otoshi'(Appetisers)($3) consists of chilled prickled cabbage with beancurb and bonito flakes. We were served then with a salad that comes with the set. It is lightly tossed in some soy sauce based dressing with a distinctive tangy flavour. Perfect way to kick start the meal ahead, it was really appetising!
On the side note, I realised that they served their soy sauce in a very cute dainty little teapot. Mega love!!!

I ordered Mazechirashi(mixed sashimi with sushi rice) lunch set ($35) which is one of the most popular set lunch. I can see why is it so. The ratio of the rice and the mixed sashimi is 1:2. On top of that, there is a variety of fresh ingredients from tuna to ikura to uni (sea urchin). Definitely value for money! Every mouthful is a burst of flavours and happiness! Do note that, they have limited order for this set lunch. =)
One of my colleague,J ordered the Goma Dare Tekka Don(Sushi rice served with Tuna) lunch set($35). I have tried some. The tuna is well flavoured with the Goma Dare(Sesame seasoning) and they are so generous with the tuna that J even complained the portion is too much! lol…
Shokado lunch set($38) which consists of  an array of sashimi, nimono(steamed vegetable -eggplant), tempura and rice in lacquer lunch box. My colleague commended that the sashimi is very fresh and it was a hearty meal for her. On top of that, did I mention that they serve freshly grated wasabi? Nigiri Sushi Jyo-sen (Assorted Sushi set, $30) is so pleasing to the eyes and again my colleague is full of compliments for the freshness and the quality of the sushi served. We ended the meal in a good note with the lovely desserts that consisted of red bean ice cream, plum wine jelly and sesame pudding (clockwise direction. IMO, should start with the red bean ice cream and ends with the sesame pudding as the red bean is lighter in flavour and by doing so will optimise the enjoyment of the desserts. Personally I love the plum wine jelly a lot as the flavour of the plum wine lingers in your mouth. The sesame pudding is also very good as well, fragrant and smooth and best of all not too sweet. For somebody without sweet tooth, J likes the sesame pudding too. Last but not least, what is a birthday celebration without a cake. As a formality, we ordered a slice of black forest cake($10) for the birthday duo. Imo if there is no special occasion, I think I would still prefer to have cake somewhere else because the cake here tastes rather ordinary. Overall, although the lunch set is priced from $30 onwards, I seriously feel that it is rather value for money for the following reasons –

1. The lunch set consisted of green tea, salad, main course and desserts.
2. The food served is of great quality.
3. As food is something very subjective, if all of us felt that it was good, i think it should be relatively good generally.
4. The service here is very attentive. The green tea was refilled every now and then without us requesting for it.

Aoki Japanese Restaurant
1 Scotts Road #02-17
Shaw Centre Singapore 228208
(Opposite HSBC Bank, Tanglin Branch)
Telephone: (65) 6333 8015
Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: Lunch 12noon to 3pm (Last seating at 2.30pm)
Dinner 6.30pm to 11pm(Last seating at 10.30pm)

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