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Salted Egg Yolk Croissant (流沙牛角面包) from Seven Oaks Bakery Café (Johor Bahru)

Salted Egg Yolk CroissantI am a complete sucker for anything with salted egg yolk but trust me, this is a pleasant accidentally find. We stumbled upon this lovely salted egg yolk croissant at the newly opened Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe at Taman Pelangi during our (Tony, Hazel and me) mini food trail in Jb yesterday. We were all very full when we reached this newly opened cafe. But I guess luck was on our side for our food hunting session.

Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-2The cafe can be easily spotted as it is at the corner with very new and grand renovation. It is located just opposite Coffee Signature, another cafe with highly instagrammable signature drink named Sweet Rain (甜心雨).Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-6The 4 storeys high building consists of a bakery on the ground level, a beautiful victorian theme cafe at level 1, a spacious event space with karaoke system on level 2 and an open space garden concept on level 3. Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-10By the time we reached Seven Oaks, we were already very full from our previous food hunting experience (more details will be up soon). Hence we decided to  just chillax and catch up with each other over some beverages (Hot Green Tea Latte, RM 11.50 & Hot Honey Lemon, RM 8.50). But while we go browsing at the bakery, we found the words ‘SALTED EGG YOLK CROISSANT” screaming at us and suddenly extra tummy space just grow out of nowhere for it. lol. I am sure I am not the only one who is guilty of this, right? Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-8Doesn’t these beautiful golden brown croissants make your heart palpitated? It sure does for me and I was so excited that I hand carried a box of them back!Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-9After we have selected the bakes (in this case, it was just the salted egg yolk croissant) at the ground floor bakery, we passed it to the service crew to heat it up and headed to the cafe area.Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-16Although the croissant didn’t flow as I was expecting it to be (as it was not very warm by the time we took this shot. Maybe because we took too long to take pictures, lol). It has a beautiful buttery aroma from the croissant with a balanced sweet and salty creamy salted egg yolk custard filling. Heavenly much? You reckon.

P.S: Please eat it while it is hot. It really tasted so much better than when it is not. Trust me k. Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-4The whole place is so beautiful and grand that it looks like a palace! There is even a huge chandelier. I am sure a hefty amount thrown in for the renovation and there is even a doorman who will greet and open the door for us when we exit Seven Oaks.Saltedeggyolkcroissantsevenoaksjb-3Following the salted egg yolk hype from Kuala Lumpur which is 6 hours drive from Singapore, Seven Oaks seems to be the most legit and nearest place if you want to get a taste the salted egg yolk croissant. So do give it a try and share with me if you like it as much as I do. My brother even commented that I should have bought more after having one of the croissant. Priced at RM5.90 ($1.96 SGD) for one, I kinda regret not getting more. T.T Seven Oaks, I will be back soon! =)

Seven Oaks Bakery Café
134 Jalan Serampang Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru Malaysia
Operating Hours: 9am to 9.30pm Daily

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  • Reply
    January 10, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    I had 2 bad experiences here.

    The first when I came here with my wife for dinner last week. We ordered the rib-eye and lamb shank. We requested the rib-eye temperature to be medium, but it came as medium-rare to medium well. Basically the temperature was not uniform. The lambshank was extremely gamey. Drinks came after our Entrées was served.

    The worst part is that their customer service standard is not up to par. Several staff was talking amongst their own, and why have the call-button system when your staff does not adhere to it. Pushed the call-button 3 times but no one came until we had to wave a server over. When we finished our meal, we pushed the bill-button 3 times, no one came as well, so we had to wave the server over again.

    All 6 times that we pushed the button, we could hear the bell/alarm sound, but no one came… Worst serving ever…

    Second experience was when we came at 2pm yesterday to get the Salted Egg Croissants… The server staff was racist in terms of she served Chinese customers but ignored us Malays. Chinese customers who cut the queue was served as normal, but when we came over, we were told to join back the queue. Worst still was when the server gave us the Croissants, she limited it to one per person, but still gave the Chinese customers behind us 2 and 3 each!

    Avoid this place like the plague! IMHO, the croissants were nothing special. I can easily skip this place for the rest of my life.

    • Reply
      January 10, 2016 at 1:34 pm

      I am sorry to hear about that. I only had the salted egg yolk croissant. Food is very subjective and I respect your comments. From what I have understand is that they are very understaff now and I totally understand how you feel as I have bad experience when I was travelling to another country. Cheer up. Have a great week ahead.

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    Cheah pui loong jameson
    April 26, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    To Seven oaks service crews, i as a customer which came recently several times. Overall i am very honoured to be a guest here. As the service team, the overall ambience and the environnment is very much comforting. All staffs are friendly and good in manner,
    However, the team and management can improve better and have room for improvement. Firstly just friend reminder.the first impression would be the best of all.
    The first to meet guest is actualy the security, so they play a very important role for the management. The guard should be more attentive at least no talking on phone or even smoke when opening or receiving guest. They should also help by means to guide the guest to park their vehicle.
    Secondly, to me, the serbice is very friendly and helpful, but just for one thing is that,they must be very familiar or at least have sufficient knowledge of the menu, they should know what they are selling to guest.
    And the menu actually can be improvise,such as labelling the illustrated menu. So it save confusions for guest.
    Anyhow i am still very much enjoy being the guest there..hope to see more improvements ahead ya. Overall great work for all seven oark crews and team.

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