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Sorry for the hiatus, I have been busy with work, handling my own emotionally state and my temporary messed up life. Well I am back!
Goodbye to messed up life n roller coaster emotions.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, you fall but you must learn to get up. Anything that you die trying but the result isn’t what you expected it to be, give yourself a pat on the shoulder, at least you tried your best. Although you can’t control how people think, react or say, you can control what you can do, say and react. Don’t drown too long in what has passed cos life is meant to be live looking forward and not backward.
Look around you, everybody can be an angel in disguise. Smile and the world smile together with you but if you cry, you are most likely to be crying alone. Life is filled with choices, make them wisely and don’t live a day regretting it as the decision you made was once what you really wanted to do, isn’t it?
To people who are sad, smile, you are not alone. You have family and friends who care. Open up your eyes and see. Open up yourself to let them care. Living behind your defensive walls will not help you either.
To people who are angry. Why are you angry? Have life disappoints you or somebody has let you down? Forgive them, get up, dust those negative emotions away cos you are going to be the only person who suffered from the anger the most. Negative emotions are like energy suckers that drain off all the good things in life. By forgiving, you are doing yourself a favour. Free yourself from the cage that prevent you from flying high,
To people who are hurt, time heals all wound. Like it or not, people who hurt you will forget about the hurt they caused you sooner or later. Have faith that good things are coming and things could only get better.
To people who are happy, I am happy for you too. Enjoy life to the fullest. Keep smiling. Life is meant to be a happy one. You only live once, make it a memorable one!
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