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I am sure from time to time, many of us have been ordering bakes from the home bakers in Singapore. How about trying bakes from 6 different home bakers at the same time? Picknick, an unique campaign that brings together not one but 6 well-known local home bakers to create new and exclusive products with a Singaporean twist, has launched in Singapore! My dessert loving friends, are you as excited as me?
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For every order, it comes in a beautiful tiffany blue packaging.
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What I really like about Picknick is instead of having a cake box that packed all the bakes together, each of the baker has an individual box to feature their bakes. Each of the boxes has the name of the bakes, the instagram handle of the home baker and the ingredients used. I think it is a good way for us to know our home bakers better through their bakes and it helps the consumers to identify the bakes as well.
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From Zee & Elle Bakery aka @zeexelle on instagram, we have 1 Milo Dinosaur Tart.
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From Chloe aka @chloetingg on instagram, we have 2 slices of Chendol Swiss Rolls. This also happens to be one of my favourite among the bakes. Well, pardon me as I am a huge fan of anything pandan-ish!
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There is also a Pandan Coconut Choux Bun from @Off East and Field.
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From Jiajia, a 24 years old home baker who is also known as @dilutedcoke on instagram, we have the Salted Egg Yolk Macaron and the Ondeh Ondeh Macaron.
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For those who like bandung drink, would you be thrilled that Elizabeth from @lizybakey has made it into a cupcake!
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I thought that Erika from @sumopocky has one of the cutest bakes! The iced gem macaron comes with those nostalgic biscuit with sugar icing!
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So now, the magic question, how much for everything? Picknick’s first edition (Singapore Flavours) is launched at $45. There is a limited quatity of 200 set per edition so look out for the next edition on Picknick’s website or facebook. You can also follow them on instagram for more updates and special deals from this sweet treat subscription. For those who want to be on their mailing list, here is the link

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