Monster Curry launches Mala Japanese Curry Dishes

I remember vividly one time when someone commented Japanese curry is not (Indian) curry because it is not spicy. Then when Monster Curry launched their mala curry earlier this month, I thought I would have to give it a shot.

Monstera Curry
Pork Katsu Mala Curry Rice ($13.80)

For their Pork Katsu Mala Curry Rice ($13.80), diners get the option of different level of spiciness. I chose medium and the Mala really got me sweating. Surprisingly the numbness from the chilli mix worked seamlessly well with the sweet Japanese curry cooked with a mix of 14 different spices and vegetables. The kick from the Mala appeared as an aftertaste, so there wasn’t any disruption to the original taste of the curry.

Monstera Curry-5
Crispy Soft Shell Crab Mala Pasta ($16.80)

Another periodic item I had was the Crispy Soft Shell Crab Mala Pasta ($16.80). If the Mala curry was flavourful and complex this was a simple plain Jane. Apart from the Angel’s Hair cooked in Mala oil and topped with 2 bland battered fried soft shell crab, I don’t see any of its value.

Monstera Curry-3
Tori Karaage Mala Curry Pizza ($9.80)

The Tori Karaage Mala Curry Pizza ($9.80) fared better I thought. The potency of the Mala curry mix on the pizza dough was evident. I was coughing on first bite but for good reason. It was akin to eating Kung Pao Chicken Pita missing the cashew nut crunch. The portion size was also ample for 1, which was ideal. My only gripe however was that the dough base was a little sinewy, a sign that the defrosting was not done properly. These 3 items are only available at Monster Curry Chinatown Point for a limited time. .

Monster Curry Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road Chinatown Point, #02-45/46, 059413
Tel: +65 6223 2133
Operating Hours: 11am-10pm Daily

This article is written by RamenKing, a hyperactive geek who lives to eat.

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