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Revamped Menu at Mitzo

I love going back to Mitzo as it is one neat place for both cocktails and food. Recently, Executive Head Chef Nicky Ng has updated menu and this is just a perfect reason to revisit this lovely restaurant. If you have not heard about Mitzo, this is one place that stay true to the philosophy of Cantonese cuisine and present it with a modern contemporary touch.
Mitzo New Menu 2019-6
The revamped menu consists of 12 different sections (Supreme Specials, Soup, Appetiser, Fish, Seafood, Poultry, Meat Dish, Tofu, Vegetable, Rice, Noodles and Dessert). But I always love to start my meal with a soup, a piping hot one. If you are someone who is anal about having your soup hot, Mitzo is one of the places that you should go to. I love the Braised Fresh Fish Maw in Carrot Broth ($38) which happens to be one of the signature. The golden yellow broth that is thick yet not overwhelming and packed with all the goodness from the generous ingredients such as pieces of prawn, squid and fish maw.
Mitzo New Menu 2019-15
For someone who loves having a good variety of food when I eat, I enjoyed the Mitzo Premium Starter Platter ($24) a lot as it consists of 4 different items which includes Mitzo Special Barbecued Pork (a to live for and must order dish at Mitzo), Prawn coated with Caviar Sesame Mayonnaise, Monkey Head Mushroom with Salted Egg Yolk and Lobster Claw in Cumin Sauce.
Mitzo New Menu 2019-17
Mitzo New Menu 2019-19
Another note worthy new item is Signature Roasted Coffee Pork Neck served with Crispy Beancurd Skin and Chinese Pancake ($18). Presented with crispy beancurd skin and chinese pancake, I think it is a good alternative if you want something that is packed with flavours and textures. I like how juicy and moist the coffee pork neck is and this is definitely a dish that I will reach out for a second helping.
Mitzo New Menu 2019-24
Love eggs but worry about the cholesterol content? Pan-fried Scallops with Milk and Egg White topped with Crispy Scallop ($32) would be perfect for you as egg white contains fewer calories and it is high in protein with no fat or cholesterol. The egg white is cooked till fluffy and served with those perfectly cooked whole scallops and broccoli. I also like how the crispy scallop gives it an extra bite too. yumzz
Mitzo New Menu 2019-27
For those who are looking for a luxurious carb dish to end the meal, Egg Fried Rice with Baby Abalone and Seaweed ($19) can be one of your choices.
Mitzo New Menu 2019-33
To end the meal with a sweet finish, Champagne Jelly with Black Sesame Sorbet ($16) is one interesting dessert that is served with Honeycomb Cake. Not only is it refreshing, the sorbet is packed with the black sesame flavour that a smile to any black sesame lover’s face.
Mitzo New Menu 2019-21
Besides the above dishes, Mitzo also has lunch sets that is perfect for business luncheon and casual gathering. One can choose from Mitzo’s Dim Sum Set Lunch which allows diners to choose from a good selection of dim sum. You can either choose to get the 3-Course Dim Sum Set Lunch ($28++ includes a Double-boiled Soup of the Day, choice of three Dim Sum Selections and a dessert of the day), or the 4-Course Dim Sum Set Lunch ($38++ inclusive of a Double-boiled Abalone Soup of the Day, three Dim Sum Selections, and either the Dry-style thin noodles with Prawn Dumplings or the Porridge with Lobster Claw, Fish & Pork.and a Dessert Combination of the Day). For those who are looking forward to pair your food with mocktails, Head Bartender Azlam Kadir has specially concocted a good selection of them that are inspired by signature Chinese elements. One can choose from Bev for Champs, a healthy mix of red apples, fresh lemon, yogurt and honey, Chill your B , a cooler with watermelon, cucumber, fresh lemon and goji syrup, Daylight, a healthy mix of carrots, celery, orange and honey, or Smooth Operator, a fresh berries smoothie with banana, soy milk and goji syrup. With a price tag of $10++ for you to enjoy with your lunch set, a little indulgence is never too much.

Grand Park Orchard, Level 4 270 Orchard Road Singapore 238857
Tel: +65 6603 8855
Operating Hours: 12.00pm to late (daily)

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