Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction Singapore

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Ma Maison at bugis is no new establishment. In fact, it has been around for a very long while, at least 10 years? However last Tuesday was actually my second visit to this Japanese-French fusion restaurant as I always had this impression that it is a pricey restaurant. Much to my delights, the price range here is very affordable.

Photo Credit : Ma Maison Facebook

Personally I like the renovation here a lot as they give me a very western homely cosy feel. On top of that, when the night falls, the whole restaurant is dimly lit which gives a rather romantic and warm ambiance.

Photo Credit : Ma Maison Facebook

As I was late, Kris and Serene have ordered the food before me. Kris ordered Beef Stragonouv ($16.80). According to her, the overall taste is really good and the beef is tender. On top of that, food portion is relatively huge. As for Serene, she ordered Omu rice ($15.80). According to her, it was really good as well with the fluffy creamy omelette wrapping around the rice.

Photo Credit : Ma Maison Facebook

We have also ordered escargot ($9.80) to share. The escargots were tender and well seasoned with garlic, butter and herbs. Thus making it a great starter to have.

As for me, I ordered squid ink spaghetti ($16.80). It is very flavourful and fragrant. Although there is not much ingredients found, I enjoyed this dish very much.

We ended the night with a slice of  strawberry tart ($8.80). This is the star of the night. We were amazed by how big each of the strawberry is. Overall the tart crust is buttery and complimented with the strawberries very well which made it a fantastic dessert to end the meal.

Photo Credit : Ma Maison Facebook

Overall, it was a good dinning experience at Ma Maison bugis with good food and yummy desserts. However both me and my friends feel that the service here is rather inconsistent. On one hand, we have a male server in red checkered shirt bin chao chao (black face aka poker face) who totally ignored us when we asked him to take orders. On the other hand, we have a nice lady manager who served us with a smile.
Will I be back? Definitely yes, I was totally sold by the food served here.  =)

Ma Maison Bugis Junction outlet
200 Victoria Street #02-51 Bugis Junction
Tel:(65) 6338 4819
LUNCH TIME: 11:30AM~ Last Order 2:30PM
TEA TIME: 3:00pm~5:00pm on weekdays
DINNER TIME: 6:00PM~ Last order 10:00PM
5:00PM on Saturday, Sunday & PH

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