Kinki Restaurant + Bar Reopens after a revamp

Just a stone throw away from Fullerton Hotel, Kinki Restaurant + Bar underwent is where I would go to if I want some delicious modern Japanese food with a breathtaking Marina Bay front view. Recently, Kinki has underwent a revamp and has reopened with a refreshed look as well as a new menu. I have always like the food here. So I am excited to check out this refreshed space.


If you are looking for a dessert in your cocktail, try the Tears Of A Geisha ($22). It is concocted with Roku Gin and Japanese Cucumber and Double Dutch tonic water with Sakura No Hana Jelly made using Yuzu umeshu and decorated with cured sakura flowers. This is an easy to drink cocktail which is great to start the feast or end the meal with.


Baby corn lover shouldn’t miss the Corn Duo ($16). The baby corn is sautéed with unsalted butter and onion, then seasoned with sea salt, Sriracha mayonnaise and furikake. I like how there is different layers of texture from the corn puree as well as the sauteed corn which still retained a nice crunch.


Instead of the regular Tortilla Chips, Kinki Restaurant + Bar serves Cassava Nachos ($18).Together with tomato miso
beef, guacamole, crème fraiche, this is something that is good for sharing especially if you are having a tipples or two.


Spicy Buffalo Katsu is also another great starter to have. The Nagano pork loin from Canada is deep fried till golden brown before it is coated with a Buffalo sauce made using butter, Tonkatsu sauce, Tabasco sauce, and chilli powder. While it is packed with some heat, it is juicy and flavourful.


I would think this is good to be washed down with a beer or a Mr.Blue Sky ($19). Concocted with Kyro gin, Apple Juice, Lime Juice, Mint Syrup, Soda, the cocktail is refreshing and definitely welcoming after having something that is packed with some heat.


I love squid and especially those that are grilled. However, I feel that it is never easy to get a squid dish right as they tend to be overcooked easy. Hence, I am glad that the Grilled Squid Chimichurri ($32) is cooked just right. The squid body is tender, succulent and has a beautiful smokey aroma. When it is coupled with the flavours of homemade Chimichurri sauce, spicy, sour and savoury, it is rather addictive.


If you like a mouthful of textures in your food, do try the AC/DC Dynamite ($22). The tempura- fried maki is first assembled with Niigata Koshihikari rice, finely cut salmon and in-season white fish (such as Japanese flounder or Japanese yellowtail) that is mixed with Sriracha mayo, and cream cheese. Then it is coated in tempura flour and deep fried. A fresh raw seafood topping of diced Salmon, in-season white fish and avocado is then added on top of the maki before it is drizzled with a soy reduction of sake, mirin, sugar and eel sauce.


The Unagi Claypot ($35) is something not to be missed. We enjoyed the charred smokey flavour, fluffy Niigata Koshihikari rice and crispy edges!


Kickass Chirashi Don ($78) is only available during dinner. It is a myriad of premium seafood such as Otoro, kinmedai, hirame, salmon, shima aji, hotate, botan ebi, and ikura on sushi rice coupled with Polanco Caviar and shaved truffle. Kickass and good to share so that you can try more dishes with your friends! Of course, don’t forget to use a set of sharing cutlery. Hygiene while sharing calories is still very important.


If you are looking for a lighter bite, Karaage Chicken Bao ($20) is like a kong bak bao. A juicy fried chicken thigh has in the place of a fatty slab of pork belly. Nevertheless, it is a satisfying grub.


Earlgroni ($19) is my choice of drink to end the night. Earl grey tea is known as antioxidants as well as to aid in digestion. This mellowed rendition of classic Old Fashioned uses Bulldog Gin infused with earl grey tea leaves instead of whisky. Together with Cocchi Rosso, the cocktail is gentle, floral with notes of citrus peel.

With a slight different concepts between level 2 and the rooftop bar, Kinki Restaurant + Bar is great for people who just want some delicious bites along with beautiful views and good ambience or just to let your hair down after a day of hard work. Be it business luncheon, yes, you heard me right. Although the restaurant is playing some fast beat music, it is not defeatening loud and you can still hold a conversation.

Kinki Restaurant + Bar
70 Collyer Quay, #02-02 Customs House Singapore 049323
Tel: +65 8363 6697
Operating Hours:
Restaurant on Level Two
Monday to Fridays
Lunch from 12pm (last order at 2.15pm)
Dinner from 6pm (last order at 10.15pm)
Saturdays and Public Holidays
Bottomless Brunch from 12pm (last order at 2.30pm)
Dinner from 6pm (last order at 10.15pm)
Rooftop Bar on Level Three
Monday to Saturday
5pm to 10.30pm


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