KARAFURU Desserts カラフル Yoghurt Parfaits and Eclairs

I have finally tried Karafuku Desserts at Jalan Kapla Road after seeing so many pictures of the pretty eclairs appearing on Facebook and instagram feeds. It is a Japanese-inspired desserts cafe that specialises in colourful eclairs and gourmet yogurt parfaits. For peeps who love Windowsill Pies, Chef Michael Liu, the creator of windowsill pies is the chef behind the beautiful creations at Karafuku.

The exact location of the shop is opposite the Ardennes Hotel and a stone throw away from the Beast cafe. The cafe has adopted a clean and white theme for the interior with wooden furniture which gives it some Japanese vibes. It was very thoughful to have roller blinds to shield some sunlight away during the hottest hours of the day. Though Karafuku means colourful in Japanese, the only place you find colours is at their display counter where the beautiful eclairs are placed.
 Together with Nicole, we ordered 5 pretty eclairs – Marc de Champagne ($7),  UmeShiso ($7), Irish Cream  ($7), Passionfruit ($6) & Matcha Azuki ($6). Do note that some of the eclairs contain alcohol. However, Karafuku uses only fish-based gelatin. There is no pork nor lard used in the making of the desserts here. Aesthetically, the eclairs are really instagram and photo worthy. However in terms of size, it is slightly smaller as compared to their french counterparts.
I like the brilliant play of a slightly salty choux pastry. It adds some complexity to the otherwise single dimensional sweetness from the marzipan and the fillings of the pastries. Despite a varying range of flavours available, the flavours are quite mild and possibly require a very delicate palette to appreciate it. As for me, I would give it a pass for the intense sweetness experienced across the different flavours.
A lot of the items were sold out when we reached. As the result, instead of Hanami, we ordered the Matchazuke ($16). Asethetically, I have no complains about it. So pretty isn’t it? The matcha souffle was served with vanilla pudding, jasmine crème anglaise, mizu-yokan, dango, matcha langue de chat and in-house signature yogurt soft serve made from Hokkaido milk.

A crème anglaise is actually a light pouring custard made from sugar, egg yolks, hot milk and used as a dessert cream or sauce. While I like the prominent aroma of the jasmine, I feel that the usage of sugar on the plate was slightly heavy handed. Kudos to the wobbly smooth texture of the vanilla pudding but nay to the icy texture of the froyo. Perhaps my favourite item on this plate goes to matcha langue de chat aka cat tongue which has a nice hint of matcha. The other components on the plate did not go very well for me. The matcha souffle was slightly denser than I would like it to be while the mizu-yokan wasn’t really memorable.While getting some ice water to cleanse my palate after a round of overwhelming sweetness, I understand from one of the staff that I might have made the wrong choice of eclairs to have. She mentioned there are some eclairs which are not as sweet. Perhaps I would go back again to give it another try. As for the flavours that I have tried, thanks but no thanks, they are really too sweet for my liking. Well, food is a very subjective thing, perhaps for those who have sweet tooth, you might be more impressed than I do. If there is a must order here, my vote would goes to the tea selection here. They are from Lupicia. a leading Japanese brand. We had the apple green tea ($6) which is really aromatic and paired well with the desserts here.

KARAFURU Desserts カラフル
8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320
Operating Hours: Tues-Sun 1pm to 10pm
                 Closed on Mondays


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