Hello 2015!

Time and tides really wait for noone. Another year flew passed without many of us realising it. 2014 has been eventful for me, what about you? From a business development executive, I made a career switch to pursue my interest in latte art and coffee.

I used to be fascinated by the latte art rather than appreciating the coffee. However in 2014, I learn that coffee is more than just latte art. In fact latte art is a bonus and it takes a lot of practices and hard work from the barista side. As I learn  more and more about coffee each day, my love for coffee grow as well. Not only am I fascinated with the different taste profiles of coffee from different area and regions, I am perpetually curious about how different brewing methods can affect the coffee as well. Coffee to me now is no longer just about pretty latte art, it is like a life time pursue of knowledge. A good cup of coffee is definitely not defined by a beautiful latte art alone. It is a whole package from the selection of beans to the roasting and the brewing method use. Coffee is very subjective, just like any food or beverages, it is very much up to individual preferences. In 2015, I hope that I can continue my quest to brewing a perfect cuppa and present to those who I will meet my very best of what I can offer.

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