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A Sparkling Christmas takeaway gourmet treats at Goodwood Park Hotel

It is never too early to plan for Christmas! Afterall, t’is the season to feast! With Raffles taking a reno-break this year, heritage hotel Goodwood Park is going full blast with their unique seasonal goodies. I have always had high regards for the group especially since they have always married indigenous cultures with our colonial past, judging from their culinary offerings and the renovation works done to its properties in recent years. No other hotels of the same rung would…

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进入2017年的下半年,丽景酒店(Regent Hotel) 里的意大利餐厅Basilico 推出夏秋两季的新菜单,主厨Chef Luca选用当季食材为食客们呈现一个地道的意大利飨宴。 Basilico提供半自助餐的形式,也就是点了主食之外,餐厅中间摆设有各式前菜和甜点供食客以自助方式来搭配主食。自助餐不得不说是琳琅满目,有芝士、火腿、沙拉、水果、甜点等,非常丰富,尽显诚意。…

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