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KenjoMucotaHairtreatment-12I have recently done a Mucota Scena Hair Treatment @ KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱. So here I am to review my experience. In the midst of us trying to pursue that picture ready hairdo, don’t you agree that we have subjected our hair to chemical treatments such as hair colouring, perming, rebonding…etc. Hence, as much as we wish to have that smooth, shiny and silky hair, it is usually not that case. In fact, we ended up with hair problems that irks us, such as split ends, brittle and dry hair.

KenjoMucotaHairtreatment-2Our hair is very much similar to our skin. In order to have a beautiful head of tresses, we need to maintain it at home, in between our visits to the salon. Yes, I am equally guilty of that. My  hair was looking great when I left the salon but I usually ended up not taking good care of it after the hair services. So here is it, few months later, I am left with very dry ends. KenjoMucotaHairtreatment-4My new stylist, Ryan, shared that an extra 5 minutes spend each day to take care of our hair goes a long way. Ryan further shared the most effective way to apply hair conditioner is to section our hair and apply the hair conditioner till we can feel that the hair is smooth. But because I am such a lazy person who thought that by using hair conditioner is more than sufficient. My hair get more and more brittle after all the chemical works and daily wear and tear. So after the hair wash, my hair was literally a ball of entangled mess.
KenjomuscotaAs my hair was very dry, Ryan has carefully divided them into smaller section  before he meticulously started doing the Mucota Scena Hair Treatment. Mucota Scena Hair Treatment consisted of 3 steps.Mucota Scena AStep 1: Mucota Scena Adel, a moisture base for treatment.
Adel contains 4 kinds of nano sized ceramides to recreate same structure of hair’s intercellular lipid, and improves the repair function.  The Highly-formulated Maltose-based Millet jelly keeps moisture in hair, and supplies it by the synergy effect of CMC.
With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, it makes the hair soft and moist before next treatment step. Mucota Scena B
Step 2: Mucota Scena Brava, Repair damaged hair.
Brava contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to repair various damages. There are also reactive ceramide-like ingredients that keeps the elements in the hair and prevents them from flowing out of the hair. Mucota Scena CStep 3: Mucota Scena Calore, Protect cuticle.
After repairing the inside hair, Calore repairs cuticle damage to keep penetrated repair elements, and improves beautiful luster. There are 2 kinds of cuticle repair elements to give the hair a silky texture and shining luster. It also puts the cuticles back to be hydrophobic to protect hair from external damage.
KenjoMucotaHairtreatment-8The treatment products play a very important role but the skills of a hair stylist is not to be neglected as well. To be frank, this is the first time that I truly felt that my hair was in good hands. Ryan, meticulously sectioned my hair and applied the products for each step in great care. Although it might take him a while longer than usual, he told me that each step is essential to ensure that the hair treatment is done properly. My ex boss used to tell me that, the most important part of doing a treatment is how you apply the product. I could never understand it till I met Ryan.
Indeed it plays a huge part. Instead of telling me that the Mucota treatment would be a savior to my damaged hair, Ryan told me that it is only good for 15 hair washes. It is only by religiously doing the treatment on a regular basis and taking care of my hair at home, that I might have a head of tresses that is more manageable.
KenjoMucotaHairtreatment-13Thank you Ryan and Kenjo Hair Salon for taking great care of my hair. Mention my name “Hannah” to enjoy 15% off your hair services.

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