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Adam Road food centre must eat food review

The advancement of technology has always bring us a lot of convenience which includes lessening the hassle for food hunting. Adam Road Food Centre used to be a location that I irked to travel to as it was not very accessible via public transport and there are limited parking lots. But now it is just 5 minutes walk from Botanic Garden MRT. Awesome max isn’t it? For peeps who likes malay or indian local delights, this is where you can find some famous mee soto, nasi lemak and teh halia.

It is not everyday that you get to have a bowl of delicious Mee Soto. Made with fresh chicken drumsticks and 21 different spices which includes fresh turmeric, you can easily experience a myriad of flavours in this simple looking bowl of mee soto.
Mr Sumadi Sapari quitted his job as a telecoms engineer and became the 3rd generation business owner when his mother, stall keeper of Selamat Datang soto ayam stall, was too sick to continue. However, the routine of the tedious preparation of rempah from scratch continues. Yes, rempah made from scratch. The rempah is the most fundamental ingredient behind mee soto, mee rebus and many malay dishes. Mr Sumadi insisted on preparing them from scratch instead of using those ready made rempah to cut cost and effort. This is totally reflected in the robust broth with lingering sweet aftertaste. While some are shocked to see the mee soto turn reddish, this actually is a sign of the addition of fresh turmeric in the broth and nothing artificial. So do check it out if you are here.
Selamat Datang 
Stall 9 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 8am to 10pm
                               Closed on Wed
If you ask me, I would say this is the Teh Halia aka Ginger Milk Tea that you must die die try if you are at Adam Food Food Centre. Nothing extravagant, the usual simple ingredients of Teh Helia (Ginger, tea, condensed milk and water) but the balance of the tea is simply perfect! Nothing too gingery, too sweet or milky. Definitely a must order to go with all the hot and spicy food at Adam Road Food Centre.
Taj Mahal Teh Halia
Stall 15 Adam Road Food Centre 9 Adam Road Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 12AM to 12AM (24 Hrs)
Now this is the famous Nasi Lemak stall and rumour has it that the Sultan of Brunei requests it everytime he visits Singapore and was served to Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the Istana by PM Lee. Many may have heard about the contest between this and No. 1 nasi Lemak on which is the one with the best nasi lemak in Adam Road Food Centre. I can’t comment much on which is better as I have only tried this stall. But I must say that the rice is definitely the star. Besides using basmati instead of the usual thai rice which gives the rice more textural bite, the rice is very aromatic. There is a lovely lingering pandan and coconuty aroma in the mouth if you just savor the rice alone. The price is also quite easy to the pocket with different sets starting from $2.50 and a relatively generous serving. However food aside, there is a story of filial piety that touches my heart. According to Straits Times, Mr Abdul Malik, the eldest son of the founder of Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak, gave up his dream of becoming a pilot to fulfill his late father’s dream to run his nasi lemak business. He has gathered his siblings together to continue running his father’s business and travel overseas together. Sometimes stories like these, really warmed my heart. Thus do give it a try if you are at Adam Road Food Centre.
Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
Stall 2 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 7:00AM to 5:00PM
                            Closed on Friday
As there is always space for desserts, especially if it is highly recommended by Leslie. Seriously with the living standards going higher, there are hardly food that is below $2. Thus I am surprised to find a decent bowl of tau suan at $1.50 and the cheng tng is only $1.80. Though it is easy to the pocket, the stall owner does not shrimp on toppings. We enjoyed the generous serving of you tiao added into the bowl of sticky guley golden liquid with lots of mung beans. This is definitely a great way to end the meal as the mung beans has cooling properties for the sweltering weather. I like how this tau suan does not let you feel as if you have consumed a bowl of starch. It is at least something substantial. =)
Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert 德记冷热饮甜品
Stall 31 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road  Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 12AM to 12AM (24 Hrs)
                                Closed on Mondays
Thank you Leslie and Jimmy for sharing the love of food. It was a rather enjoyable afternoon talking to the stall owners and understand more about their big stories behind the small stalls.
If you are interested to try other local delights, I have also consolidated a list of famous food from other stalls. Bon Appetit peeps!
Nasi Lemak
No 1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak
Stall 1 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 8am to 2pm (Closed on Tue)
Roti John
Ibrahim Mee Stall 
Stall 4 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road  Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 11am to 4am
Indian Rojak
Adam’s Indian Rojak 
Stall 5 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm
                            Closed on Thur
Mutton Soup
Bahrakath Mutton Soup King
Stall 10 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 1pm to 3am  Daily
Fishball Noodle
Adam Fishball Noodle
Stall 25 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road  Singapore 289876
Operating Hours: 7.30am to 10pm
                             Closed on Wednesday
Prawn Noodle
Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodle
Stall 27 Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Road  Singapore 289876
Operating hours: 9:15AM to 4:00PM
                            6:30PM to 2:00AM
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