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Singapore Cocktail Week 2016

Cocktail Week 2016
Singapore Cocktail Week has started with a blast last Saturday at Zouk. For the first time ever, this iconic institution in the international nightclub scene has opened its doors and bars to some of the best mixology talents in the world.
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Running from 12 March to 19 March, simply purchase the Cocktail Week wristband ($38) to enjoy the full Singapore Cocktail Week experience. There are 8 wristbands, one for each day, and they are your access to the Opening Party and other exclusive events. Best of all, these wristbands allow you the privilege of enjoying the festival cocktail menu of each participating bar at a special price of $14++.
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Cocktail Week 2016-11
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Zouk was immediately transformed into a stage for Alen Nikolovski from The Baxter Inn (No. 6 on World’s 50 Best Bars), Hendrick’s Gin and Monkey Shoulder Whisky Brand Ambassadors Tasha Lu and Jay Gray.
Cocktail Week 2016-10
As media, we were given 6 cocktail tickets to experience the different cocktails at the 3 different counters.
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Cocktail Week 2016-28
Cocktail Week 2016-24
Cocktail Week 2016-13
Cocktail Week 2016-17
Cocktail Week 2016-20
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After hopping around Zouk drinking different cocktails, there is no doubt about it that my favourite cocktails are the ones from Absolut Elyx. Best of all, I do not need to be a Zouk member to hang out at the member’s area.
Cocktail Week 2016-22
For more about Singapore Cocktail Week, do check out their website.

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