FAQ for 3 Days Juice Cleansing Program with Juix Up

As some of you might have known that I embarked on a 3 days juice cleansing program with Juix Up last month. Oh boy, I love it! Okies, this is not a post that I am going to rave about how good juice cleansing is. Instead, I am sharing my experience in hope that you will know what to expect.

1. Weight Loss?

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To be frank,, if you are only looking at slimming down using juice cleansing, I think you can forget about it. I did lose some weight, 2kg to be exact, after the 3 days program. But the weight bounced back after 1 month. So technically I didn’t lose any weight.
2. Healthier?

Credit: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com
Credit: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com

After this 3 days juice cleansing program with Juix Up, my body did feel cleaner and lighter. I feel that it is more like a reset program as I am always overeating and taking in too much toxic foods such as saturated fats, refined carbs, foods with additives and preservatives. So with this 3 days program, I feel that my body is being purged of all the toxics built up from my bad eating habits, binge eating and processed food. Yes, I feel healthier!
3. Curb appetite?

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Yes, after Juix Up 3 days juice cleansing program, I did feel that my appetite has became smaller and I do not constantly crave for different kinds of food. But for me, my first day of juice cleansing was not a bed of roses ah. I was like a grouchy old woman who was having a major PMS.
4. Hungry?

Credit: http://pfitblog.com
Credit: http://pfitblog.com

I would be lying if I tell you I was not hungry surviving on 6 bottles of juices and plenty of water. I had some blanched vegetables (without any seasoning) on the first day and nuts on the second day. The hunger bangs did get lesser and more manageable as I progressed towards the 3rd day.
P.S: Do remember not to overeat or stuff yourself just because you know you will be starting on a juice program. I think by eating something light prior to the juice cleansing program helps to condition the body for this detox program.
5. Is it effective?

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I think to a certain extent it is effective by helping the body detox and clear away the unwanted toxics in the body. Bowel movements were extremely easy during the juice cleansing program and I like waking up feeling lighter. I also feel more alert and energetic (But I think this really varies for different people as I have friends who went home immediately after work as they felt really tired during their juice cleansing program).
6. How are the juices prepared?

Credit: http://www.builtlean.com
Credit: http://www.builtlean.com

Basically, the 6 bottles of juices (per day) are prepared for you using a hydraulic pressing equipment aka slow juicer. You will need to take the space in your fridge to keep the juices as well. As I am doing sales, so I got a small insulated bag with ice pack to keep the juices chilled while on the go. The juices are concocted using different kinds of vegetables and fruits and without any preservatives. For Juix Up, the natural sweetness from fruits such as apples are the key to making their juices yummy and sweet. You would also expect a bottle of coconut water and nut milk at the end of the day. These are in fact what I looked forward to everyday during the 3 days juice cleansing program. I would not say all the juices are to my liking but at least I would like 3 to 4 bottles of the juices from each day of the program. Some might taste “greener” while some are the perfect quenchers for Singapore’s sweltering weather.
7. Will I do it again?

Credit: https://www.leadfuze.com
Credit: https://www.leadfuze.com

Yes, I will. I am actually planning to do it on a bi-monthly basis as I like how juice cleansing helped me  curb my appetite, make me appreciate my food better and my skin glow. Yup yup, I have people commenting that my skin was glowing after I am done with Juix Up 3 days juice cleansing program. Everything has a but right? For people who are pregnant, having diabetic or low blood pressure, please consult your doctor first ok. This review is based on how I truly felt about juice cleansing but different people might have varying experiences.

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Juix Up.
1 day Juice Cleansing Program: $95
3 days Juice Cleansing Program: $260
5 days Juice Cleansing Program: $420

Juix Up
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Tel: +65 9060 1590
Email: go@juixup.sg


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