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Exclusive “1965” Screening x Movie Review

In celebration of SG50, KDK has organised the “Treasured Moments” nostalgia campaign. As a culmination of the campaign, an exclusive screening of “1965” for over 50 local families took place a few weeks ago at Shaw Lido Theatres. I was privileged to be invited to join in the movie screening.

The 50 families were selected from the “Treasured Moments” Photo Journey competition, where they shared 3 photos depicting their treasured moments with families and loved ones.

The winners also received limited edition FlashPay cards, as well as KDK Box Fans.

Over 170 entries were received, including submissions from a member of a Singapore family with 4 living generations, a participant whose great grandfather knew Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a national swimmer, and more.
“KDK Fans have been an integral part of the Singapore home and played a part in people’s memories,” said Managing Director of Capital Distributors (S) Pte Ltd, Mr. Jeffrey Lim. “We have grown with Singapore over the past 50 years, and have seen the country developed from its humble beginnings into a bustling world force in its own right. This SG50, let us come together to celebrate the strong family values that Singapore has retained despite evolving so rapidly, and look forward to creating more happy memories together, over the next 50 years.”
In addition, KDK produced a short film titled “KDK Fan Talk – Treasured Moments” to showcase the endless cycle of love through the generations. Produced by MM2 Entertainment, the same production house behind the “1965” movie, the video is a touching and heart-felt reflection of growing up in Singapore and is guaranteed to bring a tear to many.
The film screening event gave local families a chance to revisit the history of Singapore together, and understand the roots of Singapore better.

“Due to my work and family commitments, it’s not often that I get to bring my parents and grandfather out for a movie, let alone during such a celebratory period,” said Ms Josephine Teo, one of the winners who attended the movie screening. “I can’t think of a better film to watch with them than a film about Singapore’s early years, along with receiving a brand new fan for their home.”SG50 in one way or another has been over-rated and overly abused by many merchants but I was  impressed by the movie. The movie is set in 1965, just before the independence of Singapore. While MediaCorp artiste Qi Yu Wu was playing the role of Police Inspector Cheng and Malaysian actress Deanna Yusoff was a single mother, Khatijah. The movie showcased that in the time of uncertainties and doubt, how the “bad asses” sown discorn between different races and make use of the more trusting ones to create racial disharmony. While we have heard of the racial riots but many of us do not have the first hand experience. After watching how the movie reenacted the chaotic scenes, I have a stronger sense of appreciation towards the peace and harmony that I am enjoying in Singapore now. Though the pace of the movie can be slow at times, I would recommend anyone who wants to know more about the history of Singapore independence and the lives of the people then to watch this movie. While many might think this is a biopic of Mr Lee Kuan Yew or a movie with political agenda, I assure you it is not. Though there are snippets of the actor Lim Kay Tong playing the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, I feel that it illustrated how fragile racial harmony can be and how far we have came from it. The 130 minutes movie is still available in several cinemas so grab a ticket and watch it today. =)

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