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Bukit Merah Qing Tian Cold & Hot Dessert 青天冷热饮品

Located near Redhill MRT, Redhill food centre is easily access via bus or mrt, and if you drive, there is also a nearby carpark. =)
The first time I was at Redhill Food Centre, I was drawn to Qing Tian Cold & Hot Dessert stall by the queue and the Hokkien techno music.Not that I am a fan of Hokkien song or techno but I feel that it sorta added a bit of colors to the food centre and make the place more lively.

At the end of the long queue is this uncle who would dance to the blasting Hokkien Techno Music. Personally I find this rather entertaining and I admire his attitude towards life. At least I see his dancing moves as a form of enjoying himself while serving bowls and bowls of dessert to the hungry mob. Well, how many of us are enjoying ourselves while working right?
The thumb up photo bomb I believe was not intentionally one as the sign seems to be a trade mark for Mr Lim Bok Ann ( the dancing dessert uncle ) every time he deliver an order. Thus beside simple traditional dessert affair that you are getting, this stall emits positively that actually brighten up people’s life (well, I dunno about you but it does make me feel happier).
 Almond Jelly Longan ($1.70) is simply cheap and good here. The almond jelly has a strong taste of almond but not overwhelming kind. On top of that, the translucent jelly is soft and not overly sweet. Definitely better than many other places including famous eateries.
Gingko Nut Barley ($1.70) was rather sweet but the ingredients given was really generous!
image(Photo credit : Editor)
Personally i have not got the chance to try the famous tau suan which was much raved by IeatIshootIpost as it was always sold out very early.
(Photo Credit to Hungrygowhere)
Overall, i feel that the dessert here is cheap and good. With the price tag starting from $1.20 to $2.20, it goes very easy for the pocket. On top of that, you get to be infected by the positive energy emitted by Mr lim. So do give it a try if you are around bukit merah vicinity. Do note that queuing time is about 10-15 minutes(based on my experience).
Qing Tian Cold & Hot Dessert 青天冷热饮品
Redhill Food Centre
Blk 85, #01-60 RedHill Lane
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Wednesday-Sunday 3 p.m.-11 p.m

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