Recipe: Brown Sugar Boba Milk

When PM Lee announced that Circuit Breaker is going to extend to 1st June and a stricter restrictions is going to be imposed with bubble tea being one of them, I didn’t order any bubble tea or went queuing to drink bubble tea for that 1 last time. Because I know that I can easily replicate Brown Sugar Boba at the comfort of my house with 3 ingredients.
Brown Sugar Boba
Yes, just 3 ingrdients and you can be on your way to brown sugar boba heaven. Firstly, you need tapioca starch which is available in the supermarket. A small packet will set you back $0.80 to $1.50 depending on which brand you are getting.
Brown Sugar Boba-2
I am using a combination of brown sugar (got it from my friend who import them in from Taiwan, 1 packet $9.90) and dark brown sugar (Pagoda Unrefined Soft Dark Brown Sugar from Fairprice, Sheng Siong has it too, $2.30) for my recipe. Alternatively, you can just use either.

Brown Sugar Boba
135g tapioca starch
90ml water
60 g brown sugar/ dark brown sugar

1) Using the lowest heat, dissolve brown sugar with the water completely.
Brown Sugar Boba-3
2) Add in the tapioca starch in and mix quickly.
Brown Sugar Boba-4
3) Remove from fire and mix into a dough
Brown Sugar Boba-5
4) Knead til smooth and divide the dough into 4 portions.
Brown Sugar Boba-6
5) *Shape one portion into a long log and cut the log into small cubes before rolling into small balls.
Brown Sugar Boba-7
6) Coat the balls with some flour to prevent them from sticking to each other. Remember to shift the extra flour off.
Brown Sugar Boba-10
7) **Bring a pot of water (at least 6 times of the volume of the boba) to boil.
Brown Sugar Boba-11
8) ***Cook the boba for 20 to 30 minutes. (You can make the brown sugar syrup at the same time).
Brown Sugar Boba-12
9) Then transfer the boba into a cold water to stop them from cooking further .
Brown Sugar Boba-13
10) Drain and mix with 1 to 2 tablespoons of brown sugar syrup to avoid sticky together.

Brown Sugar Boba-9
*Cover the rest of the dough with a plastic and work quickly as it will be hard to shape into small balls once the dough started to cool down and the skin starts to harden.
** If you are not using all of them, you can keep them in a container and freeze for later use
*** The longer you cook, the less chewy it is going to be. Remember to cook at least 20 minutes.

Brown Sugar Boba-8
Brown sugar syrup
145g brown sugar
50ml water

1) Using the lowest heat on your stove, melt the brown sugar slab with 50ml water in a small pot.
2) Turn off the heat once there are large bubbles.
3) Let it cool down in a clean 200ml container for later use.

Brown Sugar Boba-18
To serve, dizzle some brown sugar syrup in serving cup before adding the boba in. Pour in milk and serve. This recipe can serve up to 3 glasses of Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

Milk Tea
If you are looking at making Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba, please boil 500 ml of water and let 4 teabags of your preferred black tea steep for at least 5 minutes or till the tea cool down. If you prefer stronger tea flavour, please steep the teabag longer. If not, after mixing with the above ingredients, the flavour of the tea might be lost.

So here is how you can make some Brown Sugar Boba Milk or Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea at home. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I took about 90 minutes to make this from scratch and it is definitely worth it to ease that craving. Since everyone has more time at home now, make you can try and let me know how do you find this recipe.

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