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Yue Long Men, affordable steamboat next to Chinatown MRT

I admit I have been selfish cos it took me a long time before I wanna start writing about Yue Long Men, a steamboat restaurant located right next to Chinatown MRT Exit A. And currently it is having 50% off all a la carte menu (excluding drinks) which make having steamboat so affordable!
Yue Long Men-2
Yue Long Men-3
To be honest, it is really hard to miss Yue Long Men as it is located just beside on the right of Chinatown MRT Exit A and it has a very prominent signage!
Yue Long Men-5
I was never very worried that Yue Long Men has not enough seating as the restaurant is situated between 2 double storey shop spaces.
Yue Long Men-18
Oh yes, don’t forget to try the Yang Zhou Fried Rice ($10) when you are here. As someone who avoid rice dish, I like how flavoursome the rice was with a hint of wok hei (smokiness) with every bite. Not to forget that the texture of the rice was spot on! Not mushy or grainy, just nice and firm.
Yue Long Men-17
Besides mala broth with 3 levels of spiciness, there are 6 other soup bases available. Some of our fav are the tomato soup which is gao (thick), tangy and not too sweet, mushroom broth which is light yet tasty and signature sour fish broth which is more savoury.
Yue Long Men
Yue Long Men-12
Unlike other steamboat restaurants, there are also a good variety of cold dishes such as Spicy Century Eggs, Garlic Pork Belly and hot food such as Mutton Skewers, Chicken Wings and even Dumplings.
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Oh yes, the freshness of the ingredients is also another reason why we keep coming back. Fresh ingredients always make steamboat gathering even more joyful and we really like the service crew here too. They are always smiling and the service is amiable! Don’t forget to put Yue Long Men on your makan to-eat-list the next time you have gathering.

Yue Long Men
75/77 Pagoda Street Singapore 059234
Tel: +65 6909 0611
Operating Hours: Daily 11am-11pm

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