Yo-Good at The Centrepoint, froyo so good?

I love froyo (FROzen YOgurt)! As I always thought that it is a healthier choice (full of probiotics) in comparison to ice cream, perfect for any diet cheat day, isn’t it? So after our luncheon at Tensho the other day, Nicole and I dropped by the newly opened Yo-Good which is located just at the entrance of Centrepoint (the side nearer to Orchard Point).

Yo Good @ Centrepoint-5
A little background on Yo-Good, it is originated from Canada and has several franchised outlets across US, Canada and even Saudi Arabia. It is supposed to be a non-fat frozen yogurt with no artificial sweeteners.
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The one at Centrepoint (first in Yo-Good franchise in South East Asia!) is basically a Yo-Good Bar sitting on an estimated space of 150-200 square feet. There are 2 froyo dispensers with 4 froyo flavours available. On the day we were there, the flavours were chocolate, vanilla, bubble gum and mango. Everything is DIY here. So simply choose your preferred flavours and dispense your desired amount of froyo into the LARGE cup (the only size available now).
Yo Good @ Centrepoint-2
Yo Good @ Centrepoint-3
You can also add on the toppings that you like! There are plenty to choose from. Nuts, berries (even goji berries are available), granola, fresh fruits, canned fruits, rainbow sprinkles and even gummies!
Yo Good @ Centrepoint
Okies, maybe not so healthy after adding in all the canned fruits and rainbow sprinkles. But if it is a cheat day, why not? However if you are on diet, choose wisely. lol Froyo is sold by weight ($3.30 per 100g) here so to avoid getting a shock at the cashier, remember not to spam on the froyo and toppings for your instagram worthy picture! =)
Yo Good @ Centrepoint-8
Overall, it is a fuss free experience with a WIDE variety of toppings! The texture was creamy and light. We also feel that the bubble gum (blue froyo) was not very “artificial” as compared to some other bubble gum flavours out there.
Yo Good @ Centrepoint-12
I feel that the froyo is on the sweeter side but is still a lovely treat for Singapore sweltering weather. There are also smoothies (small – $7.90; regular – $8.90)and juicers (small – $5.90; regular – $6.90) available. Have you tried the froyo at Yo-Good? Is your experience really so good? =P

Yo-good Singapore

176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint #01-105 Singapore 238843
Tel: +65 6235 3098
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)


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