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Yakson Singapore’s 1st Anniversary celebration at Goodwood Park Hotel

Time flies as it has been a year since I last met Yakson Chairman and Founder of Golki Therapy, Mr Lee Byung Chul, at the official opening of Yakson Singapore’s first outlet at Wheelock Place. I still remember how miraculous the Golki Therapy done by Mr Lee was in relieving a backache that I have been suffering for years!!!
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Fast forward to 1 year later, Yakson Singapore now has 3 outlets in Singapore and has just celebrated its 1st Anniversary at Goodwood Park Hotel on 01 November 2017.
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During the event, Mr Lee has again left the guests who attended the celebration in awe as he performed 2 live Golki Therapy Demo on the sporting guests who volunteered.
Yakson Singapore 1st Anniversary-16
I have heard “wow” when Mr Lee was done with performing the Golki Therapy on the ladies. Not only was the pain that they have suffered being relieved, their face have significantly became more v-shaped after the treatments!
Yakson Skin facial
Starting from 20 November 2017, Yakson Skin will also be launching a special menu of facial treatment services (Acne Care, Pigmentation Care and Scar Care) exclusively available at Yakson HarbourFront Centre. Each of these facial treatments are customised according to each individual’s skin condition and lifestyle habits. Best of all, they are coupled with unique facial massage technique to enhance blood circulation on the face, expel toxins and impurities and to boost the skin metabolism to regulate cell renewal. Sounds really good, right? Sorry gentlemen, these facial are currently only available for female clients.
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But you can always get your hands on EOSBeauté, a range of NEWLY launched natural skincare products specially formulated by Mr Lee Byung Chul, together with Ms Kim Hyoun Sook, CEO of Yakson, and the cosmetic research centres in Korea to complement Yakson Skin facial treatment services! There are 3 ranges of products to look out for! The Repair Collagen Series comprises six comprehensive products to heighten the skin’s defense mechanisms to regenerate skin cells and reduce the signs of aging.
Yakson Singapore 1st Anniversary-3
While the Herbal Pack, a cream-based facial mask, aids in the removal of toxin and reduce facial bloatedness, leaving the skin feeling firmer and tighter with an immaculate radiant glow after using. It is said that regular usage of Herbal Pack also enhances the effect of Small Face Care treatment!
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Last but not least, The Renewal Stem Cell series consists of three products which are developed using plant stem cell extracts that contains anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidant, to stimulate collagen synthesis and skin cell proliferation. Arbutin, a functional whitening agent, is also added to prevent melanin production, lighten discolouration and derive a translucent inner-glow, while the incorporation of hyaluronic acid replenishes and locks in moisture to promote a healthy, supple and plump skin. This range is suitable for those with dehydrated and sensitive skin and helps to improve smoothness and maintain overall skin health.
Yakson Singapore 1st Anniversary-23
Earlier in April, Yakson Singapore has also held a #NaturalVFace Search to look for four candidates to undergo the Small Face Care treatment on a weekly basis over a period of five months.
Yakson Singapore 1st Anniversary-26
Based on the overall difference in face ratio, Netty Lie was crowned the winner of Yakson’s inaugural #NaturalVFace Search by Mr Lee. As the winner of the search, Netty walks away with a coveted trip to South Korea and will be the face of Yakson Singapore in 2018!
Netty Lie - 1st Session
Netty Lie - 20th Session
Netty has shared that even her four-year-old son has noticed her facial difference by the fifth session. To be frank, I was rather in awe with the result and it sets me thinking on going for the treatment to keep my face in V shape and age more gracefully! hahaha
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Yakson Singapore 1st Anniversary-32
Yakson Singapore 1st Anniversary-35
No celebration is complete without the popping of champagne and great food to complement this joyous occasion! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary Yakson Singapore and thank you for having me at this awesome event!

Yakson Singapore
Wheelock Place-501 Orchard Road, #05-12A, Singapore 238880
The Star Vista -1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-24, Singapore 138617
HarbourFront Centre – 1 Maritime Square, #02-17, Singapore 099253
Operating Hours: 9.30am to 9.30pm
Tel: +65 6734 8777

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