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Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Whenever I think of a good roasted duck, Home-style Roast Duck with Tea Leaves ($68 whole duck) from Xin Cuisine would be one of the the roasted duck that come to my mind. The duck was roasted till crispy on the outside and the meat was so juicy and moist with a lovely lingering aroma of the Chinese tea leaves. But Xin Cuisine has more than just one dish to impress anyone.
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If you are a believer of having Yusheng everyday till the last day of Chinese New Year, Salmon Yu Sheng with Fish Skin and Passion Fruit Yogurt Dressing ($78/$98) would be perfect for you. Fresh salmon slices with fish skin to give different textures to the shredded greens are definitely much appreciated as compared to the smoked salmon offering. But the key was in the Passion fruit yogurt dressing that was refreshing and delicious without adding any burden to the CNY waistline (if you know what I mean).
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BBQ Suckling Pig with Foie Gras, Yam and Japanese Cucumber might sounded a bit too rich and heavy but trust me, this is one of the best combination ever. While the Japanese Cucumber and Yam gave the dish more crunchy bites, the Foie Gras added a smooth and buttery favour to that crispy and flavourful piece of suckling pig.
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Steamed Pork Dumpling with Truffle was has a nice earthy note from the truffle as compared to the usual steam pork dumpling and the Deep-fried Crab Claw Dumpling with Fish Roe was moist and yummy. Pan-fried Morel Mushroom and Pork Paste Bun won my heart with the crispy exterior and hearty yet juicy pork filling. If you love dim sum, don’t miss the Lunar New Year Dim Sum which will be available for only for lunch with items starting from $21 per serving till 2 March.
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If there is one dish that unamiously got the approval from the table, it must be Xin’s Traditional Treasure Pot ($248/$388) aka Peng Cai (盆菜)! Besides containing luxurious ingredients such as 14-headed whole abalone, scallop, prawns, dried oyster, chicken, roast duck and roasted pork, there are heaps of vegetables such as mushrooms, lotus root, baby corn, black moss, radish and chinese cabbage. I totally adore the gravy which was so flavoursome and packed with the essence and sweetness of all the expensive ingredients used.
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Fried Brown Rice with Roast Pork, Diced Shrimp, Peanut and Raisin was packed with wok hei and despite being relatively full, we went for another serving.
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During our tasting, we ended the meal on a sweet note with The Lime Sorbet, Aloe Vera, and Lemongrass Jelly and the deep fried version of the nian gao which was also available on the Lunar New Year à la carte menu. The Deep-fried Xin’s Nian Gao (3 Pieces @ $16.80) was warm and slightly chewy yet not very sweet. Although D24 Durian Nian Gao ($58/ box) was made with real durian flesh, the smell wasn’t too overpowering. Definitely a great way to wrap up a delicious meal.
Xin Cuisine
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant will be serving 8 special menus from now till 2 Mar 2018. Make sure you don’t miss this chance to enjoy a scrumptious meal during this major feasting period.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Level 4 Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium 317 Outram Road Singapore 169075
Tel: +65 6731 7173
Operating Hours: 12–2:30PM

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