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W OPTICS’ W EYExperience, the 30 minutes comprehensive eye examination which everyone with specs should try

I have been very blessed with a good eyesight. Hence, I have never really understood the pain that people wearing glasses have to go through till I found a partner who has myopia. W Optics has recently added a new service, “W EYExperience” which is a 30 minutes comprehensive eye examination using clinical grade equipment to detect a variety of eye conditions. This service represents W Optics commitment in placing customers’ eye health first and foremost. Hence, I have decided to pay W Optics a visit to explore the idea of wearing Orthokeratology, aka Ortho-K to slow down the progression of Myopia as well as to regain clear vision without wearing glasses for my partner, J.
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Besides in-store Virtual Reality experience, conducting public eye health forums, to being one of the few myopia control centers in Singapore, W Optics has collaborated with Essilor to develop the Vision Studio and Nautilus VR Experience to create a differentiated consumer experience which showcases lifestyle solutions and even myopia management solutions. So much so that there is also a Kid’s Corner to allow the young ones to know more about on myopia management at W OPTICS SUNTEC CITY.
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When I first stepped into W Optics, I was super impressed by the extensive selection of eyewear designs that are available!!! From pocket friendly, classic all-time favourite, luxury to uber-luxe labels, there are so many to choose from. I was totally amazed when I saw an eyewear that cost more than $25,000 SGD! Yes, I kid you not that W OPTICS SUNTEC CITY has something to offer for everyone with different budget!!!
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W EYExperience ($80) consisted of six tests, which includes five clinical grade equipment. This is largely different from the conventional optical chains which usually performs only one of these tests. The W EYExperience test is done with a high level of accuracy and precision. Hence, it enables the optometrists to prescribe the most appropriate corrective lenses. In fact, I have previously seen some of the equipment at the eye specialist when J was having a severe eye infection. So, you can imagine how impressed I was with the amount of expensive equipment that W Optics has!
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After J was done with the W EYExperience, the optometrist proceeds to explain to J about the condition of her eyes. As the degree of her eyes are too “powerful”, Orthokeratology might not work well for her. For those who don’t know about Ortho-K, it is a non-invasive treatment using custom-designed Gas Permeable (GP) lenses to gently reshape the front surface of the eyes (corneas) while the patient is sleeping. Ortho-K is widely used to control the progression of myopia and to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. However, it works better with kids than adults and also people with prescriptions between -0.50 to -4.00 (take note of the minus symbol) and have no more than 1.50 Dioptres of astigmatism. People often ask if Lasik or Orthokeratology is better. It really depends on individuals, ages as well as if you have dry eyes syndrome. One thing’s for sure, Ortho-K is non-invasive and the effects are temporary and reversible.
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After understanding J’s lifestyle and eyewear habit, the optometrist suggested J to opt for either contact lens with higher oxygen permeability to prevent hypoxia (a condition where there is a deficiency of oxygen which can cause red eyes, corneal swelling, blurred vision and an increased risk of eye infection) or to wear glasses more regularly. That was exactly the same thing that the eye specialist told J too!!! You can imagine how impressed I was!!! The level of knowledge as well as experience that the optometrist has totally left me in awe.
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The optometrist also recommended the Crizal Eyezen and Crizal Transition lens for J as she is always in front of the computer and to block out 100% of UV rays. The lens will help J to relax the eyes in front of the screen and block out the blue light emitted from the computer. Oh yes, this is very important as long exposure to blue light might increase the risk of macular degeneration later in life!
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We were also introduced to STEALER eyewear (a Korean eyewear brand that is worn by many Korean celebrities e.g. Hyuna, Lee Hong Gi, Lee Ha Nee, PSY, Lee Byung Hun..Etc.) which is exclusively available at W Optics. Using steel as one of its main components while making the frame, the eyewear is light and made to last. We loved how patient the optometrist was (trust me, we took a long time choosing the frame we like!) and he also gave very good advice on the most suitable frame for J according to her concerns, work, lifestyle and face shape.
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Instead of measuring the pupillary distance (distance between the centers of your pupils in each eye) using the conventional way, W Optics uses a Digital PD Meter which enables a faster and more precise PD measurements!
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We went to collect the spectacles on another day. J was really happy and satisfied with the frame that we have chosen. It was trendy yet it still portrayed her as a professional which is highly required in her line of work. Thank you, W Optics, for the awesome experience.

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