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Newly Revamped Wisma Atrium & Snippets of WAmazing Race

This morning was the final of WAmazing Race, where 4 teams of social media influencers came together to race against each other for the first prize while exploring the newly revamped Wisma. Besides a new line of Food & Beverage (F&B) concepts, Wisma Atria also see a selection of new lifestyle brands and services to enhance the mall’s retail mix and shopping experience. I participated in one of WAmazing race several weeks ago, walk with me as I share my WAmazing Race adventures.

Wisma Wamazing race
At 9am, we were gathered at Joe & The Juice at Wisma Basement one. Ah ha, did you realise that at the space Bread Talk used to be, is already taken over by Joe & The Juice. This is one of my fav area in Wisma as it has free wifi, serves delicious smoothies and rye bread sandwiches.
Haha.. Sorry to digress. Back to the WAmazing Race, we were given an indemnity form to sign before we were briefed on what to expect. Just like Amazing Race, the race was a time sensitive one where each team (of 2) will be racing together with another 4 teams to visit the participating stores, finish a task before they can proceed to another pit stop! Haha. Kind of excited as it has been donkey years since I last participated in any race.
Wamazing Race-8
Our first stop was Flip Flop where our first task was to find a particular footwear and take a picture in it.
Wisma Wamazing race-3
Yuni was very fast in finding correct footwear in that sea of ergonomic sandals, shoes and boots! While she quickly changed into it, I stood by at the side and took a picture of her before we get the “green light” to another pitstop.
Wisma Wamazing race-4
Next for us was Joe & The Juice where we need to finish a set of food and beverages. This was one of the most challenging task for us as we both had some food before we this race. Wish to tell mummy that breakfast is no good for winning in this case. lol Besides Joe & the Juice, Fruce, a coconut-based dessert-in-a drink shop, and Eyescream, a new-to-market Spanish ice cream brand, will be joining the food cluster at Wisma Atrium Basement 1 too.
Wamazing Race-7
Thankfully our next stop was Expressionflowers.com, a home-grown floral shop who has just entered Wisma Atrium, which is located just an escalator ride away! Who doesn’t like flowers, right? But trust me, flower wrapping is not as easy as you think.
It is such a dedicated skillful job that I think I am better off being the receiver of a beautiful bouquet. If not I think I might ruin all the flowers. Lol
Wisma Wamazing race-6
I was so glad that I asked Yuni along for the WAmazing race. Yuni, being the more girlish and gentle one, was able to wrap the flowers very professionally. With the success, we proceeded to the next stop.

Our last stop was Qoosh Nail Spa, a new manicure and pedicure service on Level 3. Here, we get to help each other do our nails before we raced to the information/ Sistic counter at level one to lock our timing for the whole race.
Wisma Wamazing race-5
Can you guess what was our finishing time? It was about 21 minutes and we came in 2nd for the race. Although the winning team of the WAmazing Race won us by several minutes (which was really very fast and AMAZING), we had fun exploring the revitalized Wisma Atrium. When was the last time you went Wisma? If it was super long time ago, I think it calls for a revisit. Besides a mecca for international brands such as Rolex, Franck Muller, Breguet, Blancpain, Glashuette and TAG Heuer, Coach, Tory Burch, Lacoste and many more, there are also a strong offering from the F&B outlets such as Kotobuki Japanese Izakaya, Japan Food Town and Picnic, a 10,000 sq-ft communal dining restaurant offering a range of international cuisines, including American, French, Italian and Japanese.
From now to Christmas, stand a chance to win a Destinee Dolce Amore necklace worth $10,000 from Lee Hwa Diamond Gallery in their Grand Draw. Wisma Atria is also offering a line up of activities such as late night shopping, gift wrapping and photo printing. For tourists, you also get to receive a $10 F&B voucher when you spend a minimum of $50 nett in a single receipt. For more details, please visit Wisma Atrium’s website, facebook or instagram.

Wisma Atrium

435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 6235 2103
Email: marketing@wismaonline.com
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (Daily)

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