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Wholesome Savour, a guilt free indulgence

Although vegan food is of no stranger in places like Australia and UK, somehow in Singapore, it is still not commonly found in the F&B outlets. Hence, I was all excited when I found out about Wholesome Savour located at Palais Renaissance basement 1. Wholesome Savour not only serves 100% vegan food and beverages without dairy, gluten, trans fat, additives, cholesterol or preservatives, you can be rest assured that behind the menu, there is a team of nutritionists, dieticians and experienced chefs!

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For people like me who likes tea and herbal soup, the selection of Healing Herbal Tea ($15 ~ $20) is something on the menu that may catch your eyes. With an infusion made from steeping premium traditional Chinese and Western herbs, it is literally having the best of the both worlds of drinking tea and herbal soup. What I really like about the tea here is that it is not overwhelming yet prominent enough for you to sip your afternoon away in enjoyment of this hybrid.
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Don’t we all know how good cold pressed juices are as compared to other juicing methods, more nutrients are retained. If you like greenies in your diet, Wakeup Call ($9) might be just what you are looking for. Without the taste of the greens being overpowering, you get your dose of dietary fiber and digestive enzyme bromelain. For those who like something sweeter and more fruity, try kip to My Loupe ($9) which is an Immunity Booster juice concoction with minty aftertaste. Oh yes, and that addition of chia seed to give you that extra boost of antioxidants.
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You can never go wrong with the Dehydrated Snacks ($12), from delicious dehydrated kale to thinly handmade raw corn chips and sweet yummy beetroot chips, got us feeling both healthy and satisfied. I thought they are good replacements for any couch potatos out there, myself included. I hope that they will be retailing them soon!
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Smoothies bowls have been in trend lately but I have yet to taste any that I like till Skinny Avocado Smoothie ($10) which is formulated as a Fat Burner as well. Made using pineapple, Mexican avocado, Baby spinach, Mint, Spirulina, Lime, Fresh coconut water, not only it is light and refreshing, it is high in fiber as well.
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As many nutritionists always recommend, add colours to your diet. When they said colours, I am very sure, it meant natural colouring. Blooming Violet Smoothie is a beautiful bowl of all nature colours made from blueberry, Banana, dragonfruit, papaya, Field lavender, Lemon and homemade almond milk. Recommended to anyone who is looking at slow wrinkling, repair skin damage and reduce scarring. Oh yes, don’t forget to add some homemade Sprouted Buckwheat granola for that extra crunchy bite.
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Never a huge fan of gluten free bread as the ones I had were dry and tasted like cardboard. Yes, I kid you not. But at Wholesome Savour, instead of using gluten free flour, The Savour BLT 3 ($15) is served with sprouted sunflower seed and onion bread. Quite a healthy and hearty affair, if you ask me.
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Forest Berries Flapjacks ($15) came with 3 pancakes topped with superfoods such as seasonal berries, coconut mascarpone and candied walnuts. Although I like the chewy texture of the pancakes, some of my dining partners found it too healthy for their liking.
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Always a joy to end a meal with desserts, there are several options available. Dark Chocolate Raspberry is a safe choice with bitter raw cacao ganache with raspberries and hazelnut while Goji Lemon Swirl is rather unique with cultured lemon cashew cheese, goji jam, pistachio and fig crust.
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Overall, Wholesome Savour offers a neat choice to go on days that you are looking at eating clean and healthy. Food is prepared with great care to minimise the loss of nutritional value. I guess with a team of health experts, you can be rest assured that healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless and unpalatable at Wholesome Savour.

Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road #B1-06 Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 6276 0288
Email: info@wsavour.com
Operating Hours: 9am to 7pm

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