Beauty Review: Venna Indox, my antidote for overeating

3 years ago when I converted into a full time blogger, I have often received comments and people asking me about how do I managed to stay slim and healthy when half the time I am overeating. To be honest, behind those glamour of always eating good food, I have often suffered from indigestion and bloated tummy. Looking back, indigestion and bloated tummy has gone to pass ever since I started drinking Venna Indox.
Venna Indox is actually a 100% natural fruit and enzyme supplement that has been voted as the Best Organic/Natural supplement for Detox and Cleansing product in 2018, by Beauty Insider.
Formulated and made in Malaysia, Venna Indox consists of more than 10 ingredients which includes apple fiber, oat fibre, raspberry, green tea, aloe vera and wheatgrass. Just like what the doctors have been telling us, it is very important to have a regular intake of dietary fibre. Not only does it help us to have a smoother bowel movement, it prevent stasis of toxins in our gut lumen, lowers cholesterol level, and helps control blood sugar level.
As we age, our digestive system slows down too. Hence, I used to suffer a lot from overeating. I often had a very full dinner and woke up feeling very uncomfortable. However, after I met Alice from Fablife, things started to change. Under Alice’s recommendation, I have included Venna Indox as part of my daily supplement intake routine which I take once a day, usually before bed time with 200ml of water with water at room temperature.
Unlike other detox drinks that I have tried, I noticed that I do not suffer from unendurable stomachache that I live live must must a toilet immediately nor loose stool. In fact, my bowel movement become more regular and smoother. I have also realised that I feel more energetic and less lethargic as compared to before. I also love how my tummy feel so clean as if I have went through a juice cleansing detox without suffering from any hunger bangs.
As Venna Indox is individually packed, it is also very easy for me to bring it around when I am travelling. All I have to do is to get a water bottle which can be found easily in the hotel room as complimentary water, pour the content in and shake well before I drink to a better health.
According to Singhealth, an average Singaporean consumes 13 grams of dietary fibre per day which is only half of the recommended amount! Therefore, it is very important for us to make sure we have enough dietary fibre on a conscious effort. That extra boost in natural enzymes and fibre will help us to reduces the harmful toxin build up in the body and in the long run, it will aid us in achieving healthy weight and improving the skin appearance. As Chinese New Year is approaching, there is no better time than now to start a healthier routine by adding Venna Indox to prevent indigestion, bloatedness as well as to get that healthy glow on our skin. Fablife is now running a promotion till 7 Jan 2020. Purchase 3 boxes of Venna Indox and get 1 Free. Hop on to here to purchase online.

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