Halloween Horror Night at USS 2016

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I have to say my first ever visit to the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore, which is running into its 6th edition this year, is an eye opener.

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At the media preview we were treated to a spectacular opening before the organizers promised a spooky extravaganza at the new five haunted houses that is set to rival last year’s.
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The Suicide Forest was our first stop.
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This is where people kill themselves or for some panoramic reasons, gets killed. Phantoms, monsters and half alive vampires appear from out of nowhere and with only one agenda in mind, that is to haunt & hunt.
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My favourite haunted house is the Hu Li’s Inn a.k.a. the Fox Spirit Den where Chinese spirits dressed over the top scare the hell out of us with their theatrical antics and realistic costume make-up in dim concerted lightings.
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We were watching this woman in the Cheongsam sing when the music intermitted with an eerie squeal as she and all the other women transformed into foxy monsters.
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It turned dark at a snap… 
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To avoid spilling all the beans, I just wanted to add that I was thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfully assembled set, highly choreographed moves and I reckoned the music selection was spot on too. For a few times, it did send a chill down my spine.
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The New York Public Library was another close encounter. Starting with the dramatic Hispanic decor entrance plagued with webs and dark veils, we ended up in a white dreamy land that was however more Final Fantasy scary than say Jack the Ripper scary. 
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Continuing from last year’s HDB void deck and MRT train themes, the Old Changi Hospital and Massacre Hawker Centre are two new haunted houses to add local flavours (and don’t we all prefer Asian ghosts). Visitors would be pleased to see our Pontianaks and Hantus playing their well deserved roles in stirring up fear.
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Meanwhile, other mysteries loomed. So what caused everyone to turn into zombies at the Massacre Hawker Centre? And can this Old Changi Hospital stand up to the real McCoy.
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I do not want to spoil the story but all I can say is, the scary part is not what you see but what you don’t. Trick or Treat!
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The 6th Halloween Horror Night starts 30th September this Friday and ends on 31st October at the Universal Studios Singapore.
General Admission: $95 ~ 69/ pax
RWS Invites: $50 ~ $59/ pax
The above article is written by Guest Writer @ramenking2016. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

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