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My travel essentials for Myanmar trip

During my recent Myanmar trip, I have received several dms (direct messages) on my social media platform asking me about my travel essentials as well as where do I do my money exchange.
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As Myanmar kyat is not as common as the other currency, I did mine at the Yangon Airport. If you are planning to do the same, I would suggest that bring over $100 notes instead of the $50 notes as the exchange policy in Myanmar favours $100 notes more. During the time when I did my money exchange, I got $1112 kyat per $1 SGD for my $100 note and $1082 kyat per $1 SGD for my $50 notes.

Besides money, taking pictures is the next most important thing for me. I am using Fujifilm XT3 as I like its performance even under low light as well as the colour tone of the pictures. Having with me are the 35mm F1.4 and my kit lens 18-55mm F2.8. To be honest, Fujifilm has one of the best kit lens in the market. While other kit lens might not be sharp, my kit lens works perfectly for capturing some shots of the kids that I have visited in the Burmese villages with World Vision.
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Skincare is a very huge part of my life as I do want to age gracefully. But I was reluctant to carry with me my full size skincare so I have purchased Kose sekkisui travel set in 7 eleven which includes cleanser, makeup remover, toner and moisturiser. The sun in Myanmar is merciless so sunblock is definitely a must. One of my fav sunblock is the one from Anessa as it is formulated with 50% skin care ingredients, non sticky, sweat proof, sand proof, waterproof and friction resistant! If you are looking for other options, here are 12 most popular sunscreens in Japan that you can look at. You may also like to look at some Japanese skin whitening products as being tanned might be the last thing that I would want to have. While I did not bring my serum with me, the facial sheet mask is an essential nightly routine which double up as my serum. =)
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To keep my luggage lighter, I didn’t bring any shampoo or shower gel but conditioner is a must as I notice most hotels either do not provide any conditioner or the conditioner didn’t really work well with my highly chemical treated hair.
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Besides taking my usual dose of vitamin C, these are some medication that I always bring with me. Travel friendly probiotics from Duolac which I got from Guardian as I feel that having good digestive health is a must and Duolac has this dual coating technology which ensures higher survival rate for the probiotics to work in the intestine. Eu Yan Sang heat expulsion powder is my live live must have too as my body often gets too heaty during most of my trips. Other essentials includes charcoal pills in case of diarrhea and First Health Manuka Honey Lozenges to prevent sore throat.
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Other items in my bag includes tissue paper as the toilets that I used during pit stop and in the villages which I have visited with World Vision are usually without tissue paper while wet wipes and hand sanitizer are great for some personal hygiene before meals.
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I will also bring with me some small sachets of milo and biscuits for those late night hunger bangs as I find bringing cup noodles too much of a hassle. Danzen is great for pain and anti-inflammation and can treat sinusitis, sore throat and such. Oh yes, portable charger is a must to charge handphone, pocket wifi and camera and a travel scissor comes in handy when I needed to cut some loose thread or to cut open something. A scarf is also helpful for the ladies if you are visiting the temples as most of them require you to not go sleeveless. So these are my list of travel essentials, what about you?

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