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Travelogue: Summary of my Tioman Diving Trip

Diving has always been something that I wanted to try but my fear of getting drown always deter me from doing so. During a chill-out session with Mango, I got to know that a group of friends are going to learn diving at Tioman and I jumped upon the chance. Without thinking much I booked the trip with the group.Being as blur as usual, I did not take into consideration that the diving school is in JB and as a kiasi Singaporean, I only started fearing when I reached Tioman, Tekek stop. Unlike Singapore diving school, there is no pool session and theory class is taught over skype. However I assure you, the standard here is of a certain high standard. It is so good that I forgotten all my fear and I “swim like a fish under the water”, quoted by my diving friends.

I have been to Tioman several times and was greatly disappointed by the visibility of the water there. However I am kinda surprised when I was greeted with the turquoise blue sea. 

After we settled down in our accommodation, we started our diving lesson by learning what are the name of the equipments and how to wear them. We were also grouped into pairs and started to learn some of the basic diving skills.
By day 2, we were able to dive to a depth of approximately 10m with the instructor and dive master leading us. Strangely for somebody who is so afraid of water and drowning, I find diving very peaceful. Under the water, I can only hear my own breathing and nothing else. Besides exploring the beautiful underwater world, the rhythm of my breathing underwater is actually quite soothing to me. haha.
That is me and yiling, one of the instructor in U dive. She is really very good and detailed. She explained to me some of the diving techniques that I couldn’t get a grid of. She has also taught me how to overcome my fear with great patience displayed.
Anybody who is interested in diving, can try this dive school. IMO they are really good and friendly. Anyway, this is a very short post before I head to Bromo to see the volcanic area. I will update my blog again soon with food reviews on Tioman eateries. Meanwhile take care peeps! Happy TGIF. I am watching edge of tomorrow tonight. Hiak Hiak Hiak
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