Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence ( 田原香滴鸡精 ) Review

Although I am not a Cantonese, I love to drink soup and anything soupy. Especially before the time of the month, I have a habit to drink Chicken Essence. However, I have always find the ones off the shelf has a funky taste. Hence, I have decided to give Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence (田原香滴雞精) a try as it has been raved by many people including my fellow blogger, Carrie Wong, Lin Chi-ling, Barbie Hsu and Fann Wong…etc
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The parcel arrived within a week upon order and I am super happy that Tian Yuan Xiang has launched a non-chilled version. As it means it is easy for me to pack it together in my luggage whenever I travel because I always experience exhaustion and fatigue if I travel too often. So this is great for me to boost my energy level while enjoying my life to the fullest oversea.
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There are a total of 20 individual packets in a box. A bit of background about Tian Yuan Xiang, it is an international brand with more than 20 branches world-wide, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Guangzhou. Tian Yuan Xiang uses self-raised free-range native chickens (黑羽鸡) that are free from any chemical and hormone to make their Double-boiled Chicken Essence. The cooking method is a tedious process of following the ancient charcoal burning method in a ceramic pot with no water added to keep its authentic taste as well as aromatic scent. In addition, the oil was filtered away to reduces any unnecessary calorie intake.
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The main ingredients for Tian Yuan Xiang’s Room Temperature Edition Original Chicken Essence (常温版原味滴鸡精) consists of Essence of Chicken, Wild Persimmon, Jujube Fructus, Lycii Fructus, Astragali Radix. While Wild Persimmon has great anti-oxidant and anti- Inflammation properties, Jujube Fructus aka red dates have been used in Chinese medicine to strengthen the body and boost energy. Lycii Fructus aka wolfberry or goji berry has also been known to protect the eyes with anti-aging benefits as well as to control blood sugar and Astragali Radix aka Huang Qi is used to enhance the immune system and treat ailments, such as fatigue and seasonal allergies.
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Preparation is a piece of cake as all you need to do is to heat it up with hot boiling water for a minute and it is ready to be consumed.

Unlike other chicken essence, the ones at Tian Yuan Xiang is made by double boiling a whole chicken for eight hours.
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Hence, it contains all the goodness of the chicken in that glistening golden liquid. Not only does it tastes like a concentrated chicken soup, it has no undesirable taste or smell. I kid you not, it is really light with a natural sweetness at finishing yet flavoursome and rich at the same time.
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It is also good to know that this powerful concoction of nutrients is created by qualified traditional Chinese medical physicians and is made using Tian Yuan Xiang’s own supply chain of ingredients which includes the packaging. Oh yes, it is also the only double boiled Chicken Essence that is certified by Both Halal and Health Certificate in Taiwan. Hence, this can be shared with my Muslim friends as well. Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence ( 田原香滴鸡精 ) not only help me to combat my monthly menses cramps (I drink chicken essence about 1 week before menses for preventive measures since young), it aid in boosting my energy levels and to let me feel less tired after all the travels. Although the instruction is supposed to have it everyday, I usually take it on alternate days.
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Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence ( 田原香滴鸡精 ) is definitely my choice to nourish the body and I feel that it is also suitable for anyone of any age. But if you are under certain special dietary restriction from your doctor, do check with them before taking this. You can now find Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence ( 田原香滴鸡精 ) at their outlet in United Square if you want to sample some before buying. Alternatively, you can also get Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence ( 田原香滴鸡精 ) online and get it delivered to your doorstep.
Oh yes, you can also stop by their store in Novena to have free-sampling if you are not sure of the flavours that you want to get. Tian Yuan Xiang is having their anniversary sale from 6th to 19th of Dec with up to 18% off! Don’t miss this chance to stock up for your loves ones or even get some as Xmas pressies.
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Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence ( 田原香滴鸡精 )
101 Thomson Road, #B1-24A United Square, Singapore 307591 (Novena MRT)
Tel: +65 6200 6789
Opening Time:
Sundays to Thursdays and public holiday: 10:30am – 09:00pm
Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holiday: 10:30am – 09:30pm
Official website


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