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The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co. ~ of freshly made cheeses

Singapore CBD area has always been very exciting with old buildings making way for new ones. Fraser Tower is one of these building that I am most excited about as it is a premium grade A office building strategically located in between Tanjong Pagar MRT station and Telok Ayer downtown line. Originating in Rome, The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co., a four-in-one concept that combines a cheese production laboratory with an osteria, delicatessen and bar all in one space, is located within this compound. Cheese lovers, do stay with me as we explore what The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co. got to offer.
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Yes, you have heard me right, The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co. produces their own buffalo milk cheeses in a machine that is made in Italy and you can even view the cheese making process from the glass window. Everything is so transparent that you can see how professional and hygienic the whole cheese making process is. The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co. is also the only establishment in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region to offer this production to plate buffalo milk cheeses! Aren’t you excited to try the items on the menu?
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For starters, Tris Di Bufala ($28) is definitely not to be missed. 3 balls of cheeses, Burrata, Mozzarella and Burrata with chives and salmon, served Schiacciata bread and mixed salad are definitely one of the best way to try out some of the freshly made cheese offerings from The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co..
The Mast-28
Don’t forget to order Verdure Grigliate ($18) which I thought to pair perfectly with the cheese. The different level of acidity from the Zucchini, Tomatoes, Artichokes and Aubergines compliment with the fresh cream and soft stringy curd of the freshly made cheeses. So much so that I welcomed more cheese to be served as mains!
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For mushroom lovers, don’t forget to order Crostini E Funghi ($16) as your starter. The different textures from the freshly made creamy Stracciatella atop of a slice of crispy bread that was imported from Italy together with truffle mushroom was quite a treat on its own.
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If you are looking for something light yet satisfying, Mortadella Schiacciata ($18) is a great choice. A myriad of textures and flavours served with greens, you get Mortadella ham aka Italian luncheon meat, truffle and Stracciatella cheese sandwiched between 2 slices of flatbread. This is a ideal for the CBD lunch warriors who are looking for a fuss-free quick bite.
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Topped with buffalo mozzarella, smoked salmon and zucchini, Salmone Scozzese E Zucchine Pinse ($18-$22) was good for people who wanted something more filling. The pizza crust was crisp and not too doughy, I reckon that this is good for sharing between 2 smaller eaters.
The Mast-47
Burger lovers will find joy ordering the Campano Burger ($22). The black angus hamburger patty was so moist and juicy that I really wish for that extra tummy space to stomach it. Paired with buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, onion with mixed salad and thick cut fries by the side, it is a crowd pleaser. Oh yes, don’t forget to try the Yellow Tomato Sauce that came with the fries, it was finger licking good, more balanced and less sweet as compared to the normal ketchup.
The Mast-59
I kid you not Tartufo Bianco got us all guessing if there is any alcohol in this dessert! That hints of bailey note was so strong that we checked with the staff at least twice!
What sorcery is this sia!
The Mast-60
If you like surprises, you can order Zuccotto Amarena as within the sponge cake revealed an ice cream!
The Mast-13
Like all dining experience, there are hits and misses. But The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co. is definitely one place that I will bring my cheese loving friend to check out the place as the freshly made cheeses are so fresh, creamy and yummy that one would say that it is as good as those in Italy. On top of the regular menu, The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co. also offers weekly specials that features the season’s freshest offerings.

The Mast’ of Mozzarella & Co.
182 Cecil Street #01-05/08 Frasers Tower Singapore 069547
Tel: +65 6513 8010
Email: info@themast.com.sg
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm (Mon ~ Sat)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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