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The Hitsuji Club, the club that lovers of LAMB gather

When I heard about The Hitsuji Club at Circular Road, I was rather skeptical. Lamb is afterall a kind of meat that is not easy to prepare and The Hitsuji Club has positioned itself as the Jingisukan Specialist Restaurant. Jingisukan is a popular Japanese lamb dish in Hokkaido that is prepared on a metal skillet or grill. At this 20-seater restaurant, in order to allow diners to have a bona fide Japanese jingisukan experience, premium lamb from Australia or New Zealand are priced at an affordable range.
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Recommended for 2-4 pax, the Premium Jingisukan Set ($45) uses loin and fillet of premium Lamb that are imported from New Zealand and Australia. The meat are so tender that there is barely any gaminess. I like how the set also includes a variety of vegetables such as shiitake, king oyster mushroom, carrots, pumpkin etc to complete the meal and don’t forget to enjoy this set with the Hitsuji Club’s homemade jingisukan sauce.
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Besides the Premium Jingisukan Set, you can order Lamb chop @ $12/pc, Marinated Chicken @ $14/plate and Pork Belly @ $14/plate
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The Pork Belly is juicy and has just the right portion of fats . Lamb chop is excellent. I would definitely come back for these 2 dishes.
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To make your Hokkaido-style BBQ dinner even more enjoyable, there is also a good selection of draft beer, shochu, sake and a variety of red and white wines.
Hitsuji Club also offers lunch sets with Curry Rice priced at an affordable price of $8.50++ and Premium Lamb BBQ Set at $25.00++.
It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a lamb dish. So lamb lovers, listen carefully, here is a new hideout to ease your craving for lamb! The Hitsuji Club at Circular Road doesn’t disappoints.

The above article is written by Kelvin Dao, Engineer by Day, Photographer by Night. For pictorial opportunities please contact him at

The Hitsuji Club
65 Circular Road Singapore 049419
Tel: +65 6221 3789
Operating Hours: 11:45am – 2:00pm (Tues – Fri)
6:00pm – 11:00pm (Mon-Sun)

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