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Taiwan Gay Pride Parade 2014 臺灣同志遊行 2014

Taiwan has been hosting Gay Pride Parade every October since 2003. I am very blessed to experience this eye opening event while I was in Taiwan for my holidays.

Similar yet very different from Singapore’s pink dot event. Beside gathering LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Taiwan’s gay pride parade begins with a 2 hours parade, moving around the streets, which started and ended at Ketalagan Boulevard. After that when everybody gathered, there was a performance and people coming out to share on LGBT topics.

There were also event booths selling souvenirs to raise funds and hand out event informations.

This is indeed a huge and eye opening event. I found out the next day that there was a turnout of eight-five thousands people from all over the world.

Although this is my first Gay pride parade event, I am looking forward to more in the future. I believe in the freedom to love. Be it straight relationship or LGBT relationship, there is no differences. Everybody faces the same set of problems that anybody in a relationship would face, the only thing is at the end of the day, how do we resolve it and continue to build and maintain a relationship.
Being in an Asian country, we are brought up to be more traditional and people thinks that being Gay is socially unacceptable. But I feel that who are we to judge? Is adultery acceptable or being promiscuous alright? I know many straight people who commit them but why are the LGBT the only ones to be put under the social limelight? Let have an open heart, gay or not, we are all just human.
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