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More than just Tai Cheong Egg Tarts

Almost a year has passed since Tai Cheong Egg Tarts was brought to Singapore but the queue never seem to cease. Diners now have the option of having Tai Cheong Egg Tarts at the comfort of a physical space at first ever Tai Cheong Cha Chaan Teng, which does not even exists in Hong Kong. As a collaboration between Singapore’s Palm Beach Group and Hong Kong’s Tai Cheung Holdings, the marriage meant that Singaporeans have the benefit of trying new Hong Kong style items unique to Tai Cheong Singapore with the blessing of sixty seven year old TCB founder Master Chef Au Yeung Tin-Yun.
Tai Cheong-6
The ubiquitous Three-Egg Macaroni Soup with Luncheon Meat ($8.50) is for those who wants to relive their TVB experiences. The Beef Brisket Curry Rice ($10.90) made with fork-tender beef and potatoes braised for six hours in a spiced compote has tints of star anise, sesame and turmeric which was promising except it was too sweet. The spice level here was intentionally toned down and remixed to reminisce the versions found in the SAR while coconut milk is added in for a local touch.
Egg lovers might be drawn to the Three Coloured Silky Eggs with Rice ($9.90), a simple straightforward dish of three egg runny omelette crowned with two toppings before serving atop Thai rice. Choices include Roast Pork & Prawns, Roasted Pork & Beef, Roasted Pork & Crispy Pork. This generous plate (preferable for sharing) is my favourite amongst the savouries.
Tai Cheong
The highlights here at Holland Village however, besides their signature Tai Cheong Egg Tarts are their toasts which are made in house. Most other Cha Chaan Tengs because of space constraints and some because of convenience chose to forgo making their own bread. 
Tai Cheong-5
The Scrambled Egg Toast Stack with Chicken Chop ($9.50) was lovely except without much fault though I felt that the mushroom sauce felt weak, if not redundant. Still, good bread save the day!Tai Cheong-14
I enjoyed both the French Toast ($6.50 each), with homemade dulce de leche and with maple syrup. Though I must confess that the latter got the better of me. This would not be complete without a smooth silky Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea ($2.80), my usual default to go down with. 
Tai Cheong-11
Hard to please durian lovers would delight at the Durian & Cheese Tart ($3.60) here. The tart is made with the same cookie crust as their famous Egg Tart but what is encased inside sets it apart. It looks benign but after halving the tart one could easily spot strands of baked D24 durian fresh, and that overpowering smell would be unmistakable to any. The D24 was creamy to begin with. The cheese just gave the entire composition a double whammy and puts it on steroids.
For non durian eaters like me, I safely sticked to the Coconut Tart ($2.50) and the much said Egg Tart ($1.90).
Tai Cheong-3
Heard positive reviews about their Bolo Bun ($2.20). Gotta be back for my next tea break.

The above article is written by @ramenking2017. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

Tai Cheong Bakery/ Eatery
31 Lorong Liput Singapore 277742
Operating Hours: Pastries 10am (Monday-Friday)
9am (Sat, Sun, PH) Mains 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm Closing Time: 10pm

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