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Subrosa Private Dining ~ Affordable and definitely satisfying

With private dining trending in Singapore food scene, it is not hard to find one at the comfort of the private chef’s house. But how about one that is conveniently located near town and has an affordable price tag? I kid you not, Subrosa is one place that I would revist again.
Located at 369 Jln Besar which is slightly further down where the former Lavander foodcourt is, Subrosa is a farm-to-table private dining restaurant that values fresh ingredients. It is said that ingredients are straight from the source and utilised in the kitchen within 48 hours! There is also an private event space on level 2 of the shophouse which can sit more than 20 pax.
Made in house, the artisan bread selection at Subrosa is not to be missed. Coupled with the truffle butter that is crafted with the truffle oil made of REAL truffles, the bread is a delight on its own. Mind you, space some space for what is to come.
The amuse bouche, “Fresh is Best”, is a colourful display of ingredients. In fact, the acidity from the dill and lemon dressing made it so refreshing that my appetite is whet. What I really like about this dish is how harmonious the natural sweetness of the thinly sliced Hokkaido scallops paired with the 3 weeks old fermented melon, cucumber with olive oil and smoked trout roe.
Inspired by Bloody Mary, The Cocktail (starter) definitely got my attention with the cherry tomato which has been marinated for more than a month. I am a huge fan of cherry tomato and I like how the cherry tomato act as the palate cleanser after I have enjoyed the generous chunks of crab meat with aerated roasted shrimp. Oh yes, not to forget the crumble beneath that is made with roasted prawn shells, cocnut milk and tapioca flour to give that added textural bite. Overall, this is one of my fav item of the night.
Just as you might be wondering why is this dish named Quaking Cod That, I kid you not, this is actually Subrosa’s version of elevated surf and turf. The cod fish is sous vided with nori and served with duck consomme which is light yet flavoursome. Topped with deep fried ginger strips and onion with shimeji tossed in truffle oil, I seriously don’t mind having this rendition of surf and turf more often in my diet.
For palate cleanser to prepare us for the mains ahead, we have lychee sorbet with freshly cut chocolate peppermint and sour plum topping.
Whats up Duck is served with a beautiful slice of duck which is sous vide at 50 degree with butter, pickled blackberries with star anise and cinnamon, carrot mango chutney.
Hokkien Mee with lobster!? Yes, Remember Mee is one item that is close to the heart of many Singaporeans. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint. Every strands of the bee hoon is well coated with the rich lobster broth and the Singaporean fav wok hei (toasty smokiness which is usually found in a good Tzi Char). With a generous chunk of lobster and crispy pork lard bits served atop of the noodles, it is definitely a forget-it-not item!
Rounding the meal, we have Tropical Passion which is like a party on the sunny beach. Coconut jelly with mango sorbet, lime, passionfruit, hazelnut , macadamia nut, pistachio as well as chocolate shaving. It is not just a feast to the eyes but a sweet and balanced round up from the preceding dishes.
There are a choice of 5 or 7 course menus for both lunch and dinner with the prices range from S$108 onward. Do remember to make your table reservations at least 48 hours ahead. Subrosa Private Dining is one restaurant you should try to at least visit once this year.

Subrosa Private Dining
369 Jln Besar, Singapore 208997
Operating Hours: Daily 11 am – 12 am

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