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#SayCheese event at St Pierre

I would jump at every opportunity to eat cheese if I could and it has this strange calming effect on me. And cheese is an undisputed, integral part of the European community. On 12 October, the Centre National Interprofessional de l’Economie Laitière (CNIEL) with support from the European Union, in collaboration with Chef Emmanuel Stroobant of the St Pierre Group to hold a #SayCheese event, celebrating the diversity and versatility of premium quality cheeses from the continent.

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After a few sips of young Sauvignon Blanc, we were treated to a mini feast of cheese canapés and snacks which included:
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1. Pont L’ évêque, Mint, Brioche, Iberico Ham
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2. Vieux Comte, Hazelnut Puree, Potato Chips, Coffee 
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3. Brie de Meaux, Coconut, Sake, Mango
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4. Chitose Corn, Piment d’ espellete, Grated 36 month aged parmesan 
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5. Morbier, Vin Jaune, Cherries, Cherrywood
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6. Fried Lemongrass Salad, Carrot Puree, Gouda, Vietnamese Rice Spring Roll
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7. Emmenthal, Basil Extraction, Live-Nitro Strawberry Sorbet
I have never eaten anything like this before, cheese done Asian style, paired with corn or grated on sorbet! It was an amazingly cheezy time for me to try out the different preparation style of various cheeses, and definitely widened my culinary perspectives of this understated ingredient.
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Similar #SayCheese events will be staged at the following from 11.30am-2.30pm at

26 October: Changi City Point

27 October: Mapletree Business City

28 October: Fusionopolis

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At the #SayCheese events, complimentary petite bites like the Bleu “Hollandaise” on Egg Croustade, Mozzarella Mousse & Shaved Parmesan Smashed Peas Crostini and Gratin Dauphinois, among others will be served. Visitors will also receive a free tote bag and a selection of cheese recipes.
For more information, check out their Facebook page.

The above article is written by co-editor @ramenking2017. You can find him on instagram where he shares his love for food and travel.

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