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SOFINA has arrived in Singapore!

I am loving the beauty industry in Singapore more these days. Gone were the days that I used to travel overseas just to lug tons of beauty products and such back. In the month of April, Kao Corporation has brought into Singapore an awesome Japanese skincare brand, SOFINA, from Kao’s proprietary “Holistic Beauty Science”! If you have not heard about this brand, this is the brand with key products, SOFINAiP Base Essence and SOFINA beaut√© range that were voted as consumer’s favourites since their debut in Japan!
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Launched in Isetan Scotts on 15 April 2018, SOFINA counter also has a consultation area to offer consumers with a personalised beauty experience and skincare advices using an unique skin analysis technology. I have personally experience the skin analysis during the media launch and I must say the skin analysis was great for me to understand my skin better. Not only did I get to know about what type of products I should look for to step up on my beauty regime, it helped me understand better about my skin recovery.

I like that during one of the skin analysis, I got to see how SOFINA’s key product, SOFINA iP DODAI Essence help to increase the skin metabolism rate and aid in the absorption of skincare! Made up of about 20 million carbon dioxide micro-bubbles in a single dollop, SOFINA iP Dodai clinged onto the skin like a mask and after it was removed, I can see the movement of my red blood cells literally leaping through the skin telescope and my skin also gave a nice glowing flush which one would get only after exercising.

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Yes, DODAI means “from within” and the beautiful ambassadors (Amanda Chaang, Liv Vlo, Janice Koh), together with several influencers who had tried the product, shared how including SOFINA iP Dodai essence in their skincare regime has helped them to get better skin. Not only did it help to maintain the elasticity, hydrate the skin, regulate the melanin, it enhanced the skin immunity system as well! To be honest, I was quite amazed by their reviews and had recently started to incorporate SOFINA ip DODAI essence as the first step of my beauty regime after cleansing. Can’t wait to share more with you guys soon. Remember to drop by SOFINA counter at Isetan Scotts if you are interested to get your skin analysis done too. =)


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