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Stepping into the second quarter of the year, I have yet to forget about my 2018 resolution of staying fit and living a more healthy lifestyle. This has led me to my research on drinking sparkling water and its health benefits. One of the main draw for me is that sparkling water aka carbonated water is a good alternative to sugary soft drinks on days that I have the urge to drink frizzy beverages. Hence, the name, SodaStream, caught my attention as this sparkling water maker is known to make life easy for anyone who want to make carbonated water at home instead of getting any pre-bottled ones (save the Earth, people).
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One of the benefits that kept me super hyped up was how carbonated water may benefit digestive health! There are researches that concluded that not only does carbonated water helps to improve the swallowing ability, it helps to increase the sense of feeling full (which works perfectly for me as I am currently on diet) and aids in the bowel movements!
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I was initially concerned that drinking carbonated water may harm our bones and teeth health. However, studies have suggested that not only does carbonated water have no negative effect on bone health , it improves bone health. As for teeth enamel erosion, there is an investigation that suggested it is 100 times lesser damaging than a sugary soft drink!
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As many might have known, carbonated water is slightly acidic. However, drinking an acidic beverage like carbonated water does not make our body more acidic as our body have this ability to remove excess carbon dioxide and keep our blood at a slightly alkaline pH, regardless of what we eat or drink. Plus the bubbles in the sparkling water gave a sense of drinking soda but without the sugar intake, I thought this is perfect to cut down the sugar intake as well as calories. Best of all, it kept me hydrated!
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One can also choose to pimp up the sparkling water with lemon, cucumber slices, mints, berries and even cold drip coffee. I have tried the sparkling water with cold drip coffee and it tasted amazing! In fact, sparkling water brings out the flavours of the coffee and made it more delicious. So there is no dull moment drinking sparkling water! Hence, in my opinion, it is worth the investment to get a Sodastream Sparkling Water Machine.
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To advocates for a healthier lifestyle, SodaStream has also recently launched Tribe SodaStream with 12 Tribe Leaders. These 12 individuals are carefully selected by Sodastream as they embodied the spirit of SodaStream being authentic, bold, innovative and passionate about the environment as Sodastream is all about cutting plastics and saving the Earth. One fun fact about Sodastream is that one family can save up to 2000 bottles by switching to the usage of Sodastream Sparkling Water Machine. This helps to save the environment by quitting on plastic bottles! The Tribe Leaders are –
Ning Cai, celebrity magician and author
Marie Choo, dog behaviorist and fitness lifestyle trainer
Clarence Lee, celebrity makeup artist
Denise Keller, travel and adventure presenter
Jimmy T, actor
Nabilah MJ, head coach, GIM Sports
Dawn Sim, owner of Trium Fitness and mother of four
Daniel Chan, Co-founder, BodytreeGST, Pilates Bodytree and Bodytree Academy
Shen Tan, chef at Ownself Make Chef
Dawn Lee, working mother and triathlete
Theresa Tan, author and mother of three
Nanz Chong Komo, CEO, Komo Pte Ltd, Country Distributor, SodaStream Singapore

The Tribe Leaders will work hand in hand with SodaStream to introduce the SodaStream lifestyle to Singapore, through Tribe SodaStream events and mini-campaigns all across 2018.
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The public can join in this revoluntion by posting a photo on Instagram of themselves in the following scenarios and tag @SodaStreamSingapore, #JoinTheTribe #TribeSodaStream to
win attractive prizes:
– Posing with a SodaStream machine (their own or at any of our distribution points)
– A fitness photo of themselves
– A photo of themselves drinking sparkling water
– An environmentally-conscious selfie or photograph

Time to lead a more healthy life, people! Sodastream is not just a sparkling water machine, it is a choice, a lifestyle and an action to protect the planet we live on.


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