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Beauty Review: New Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment from SkinLab The Medical Spa

I know I have said this for like thousands of times but I really really love facial. Apart from daily skincare routine, I find that facial is essential to keep our skin at a tip top condition especially before and after travelling. Recently, SkinLab The Medical Spa has launched a new facial, Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment, and I jumped on the opportunity to try it as I was hoping to look great for my NYC holiday. Well, wouldn’t you be tempted if you find out that the Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment has pore minimising effect, helps to stimulate collagen production and boost skin cell renewal!?

Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_
SkinLab The Medical Spa has 5 outlets (Wheelock Place, Plaza Singapura, Jurong Point, Westgate, Junction8) islandwide and I have decided to try out the facial at Westgate level 4 as it is located near to my manicurist (3D nails). Before the facial, I was brought into a room for consultation. As usual, I was told that I have a more sensitive skin, T-zone oily and the sides are slightly dehydrated.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-31
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-5
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-6
After the consultation, I was led to the treatment room to change into a more comfortable gown before the facial treatment starts. Can I tell you that I really like the white and clean interior at SkinLab? With a slightly blueish lighting, it made me feel so calm and relaxed. The instrumental music playing in the background was so soothing. OMG I was ready to go to bed. lol
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-7
Major love how the beautician at Skinlab started the facial using essential oil to massage my scalp and face massage before removing my makeup. The massage was so good that I wished for more.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-10
Tadaaa~ here is my super bare face after the double cleansing and application of toner.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-12
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-13
Next up, numbing cream was gently applied onto my face in light stokes akin to massage. While waiting for the the numbing cream to take effect, shoulder and neck massage!! Shiok Shiok! By now, I am wishing that the numbing cream would take a longer time to take effect instead of a short 10 mins!
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-27
Now, this needle roller might look scary but don’t worry. That’s why numbing cream was applied initially. it is to make sure we don’t experience that unneccessary uncomfortable feeling.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-15
The usage of the needle roller was to stimulate the skin for better absorption of the products to be used later. I was told that it is best to keep the face free of make up or at least no heavy makeup for the week to follow. If you are as vain as me, it is also best to do more mask during this period of time. Anyway the stimulation of the needle roller lasted for about 10 mins and it was usually painless except for the forehead area where I experienced a little discomfort.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-20
What was coming next was the least of my favourite for the whole facial session, the application of the deer placenta. Yes, we know that the deer placenta has similar stem cells as those found in the embryonic stem cells which have been identified to aid in the anti-aging process.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-21
Hence, it can help to reduce sebum production, enhance skin renewal process, hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines and even let the face has less open pores! Well well, although it has a strong fishy smell, for the benefits of looking good and youthful, I told myself it is ok la, endure!!!
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-22
A strawberry mask was left onto my face after the application of the deer placenta. It was mixed with cold water to reduce swell from stimulation of the needle roller but not to worry, it was not too cold lah. By now, I was drifting into lala land.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-26
The next moment I knew, it was the removal of the mask followed by rose water and moisturiser with sunblock.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-29
While I was changing back to my clothes, I noticed that there is a sink in the treatment room. I really like the concept of having a sink in the room as it ensures me that the cloth/ wet cotton used to clean my face was clean and not from recycled water in a basin.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-32
I was also glad that there is a vanity corner inside Skinlab so that I don’t look like a crazy woman with messy hair after the facial.
Jack Wills Opening at Takashimaya-4
In the evening, I went to the opening of Jack Wills’s second outlet in Takashimaya. Not only has the swell and redness subsided, someone has commented that I have a beautiful glow on my face.
Within the first week after I have done the facial, I realised that the skin was not as good. I have a little breakout and peelin of skin.
However about 1 week later, my skin was more supple and the pores were smaller! Even with the long haul flight from Singapore to New York and the dry, harsh weather in New York and Canada, I did not experience any dryness. And yes, I got my winterwear from Uniqlo! Super love their heattech and seamless down parka.
Skinlab Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment_-36
So for me, this facial rocks! The Deep Skin Rejuvenating Treatment costs $398. However, if you sign a package of 10, there will be 30% discount with rebate of 10% for the next package. Currently, SkinLab The Medical Spa is running some promotion and for more details, you may wish to check them out on their website.

SkinLab The Medical Spa
Wheelock Place
501 Orchard #04-04 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 6235 3246

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #03-33 Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6336 1106

Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-62 Jurong Point Singapore 648886
Tel: +65 6316 2246 / 6316 2556

3 Gateway Drive #04-22 Westgate Singapore 608532
Tel: +65 6358 3088

Junction 8
9 Bishan Place #04-02C Junction8 Singapore 579837
Tel: +65 6262 5698 / 6262 5898


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